A Weeding Out Process

Once again I find myself with a schedule change.   I had originally been scheduled to speak in two churches in the Mount Elgon region of Kenya on April 18th.  The delay caused by the Iceland volcano caused me to miss this speaking engagement.   We had determined that we would try to reschedule that engagement for today, but our travel expenses have been much higher than anticipated and the necessary funds were not there.

Pastor Adams and I met yesterday with the overseeing Bishop of these churches.   We explained our situation and I told him that a solution would need to be found if we were to come.  I asked him to give me until 10:30PM last night to give him a final answer as I wanted to give God time to work and provide.    The Bishop agreed to my request.  Adams and I felt that God would provide for us, but only to speak in one of the churches.   Adams shared this with the Bishop and he decided not to have me speak at all (this was at 5PM by the way).

I have seen on several occasions here in Kenya that the local pastors lose interest in having your work with them, when they learn that you will not be dropping a load of western money on them.   Adams said last night that the Lord is showing him that some who had come seeking to work along side of him really had impure motives.   It is sad that so many in the Kenyan church serve the god of money.   They are more concerned with obtaining money from the West than they are in furthering the good news of Jesus Christ.

Adams has shared many stories with me of the misdoings of pastors in this area.   There are many westerners doing mission and church work in this area, but they cannot even enjoy fellowship with the people of this region, because they are so often taken advantage of.    In my heart I believe that God is going to use men and women like Adams to remake the church in this region.   It is interesting that many of the local pastors are envious of all that Adams is doing, even though he lives by faith and has no outside support.   It has brought many of them under conviction.

I believe the Lord has me remaining in Kitale the next few days for a couple of reasons.  I believe that I am first of all supposed to pour my life into Adams.   He tells people that I have become a spiritual father to him.   I also believe God is using this time to help identify some other leaders who share Adams level of commitment to the work of the gospel.   In due time the reasons will become clear.

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