Family and freedom

This past week and weekend was filled with great reminders of God’s work all around us.   The man we had met the previous Sunday, spent several hours with me on Tuesday.   He was able to get settled in at the local mission, and he is interviewing to do carpentry work on behalf of the Marine Corps for the families of soldiers who are deployed.   He is still fighting the old ways and habits, but I believe he will see victory, if he will fully surrender himself to the Lord.

Wednesday, my brother-in-law, sister-in-law and my niece came down for a Labor Day weekend visit.   My brother-in-law twisted my arm real hard to go deep sea fishing on Thursday and Friday.   Here are the results of our time together:

Thursday's catch

Thursday's catch aboard the Gulf Eagle

Friday's catch aboard the Gulf Eagle

Friday's catch aboard the Gulf Eagle

Sunday was another great day of ministry.  Our morning service had ended and we were all sitting around talking.  A woman, named Elizabeth,  walked in and asked if we would pray for her.  In fact her request was worded this way:  “Please pray for me.  I am in bondage to addiction.”   We gathered around this precious woman and prayed for freedom in her life.  Her tears flowed and joy entered her countenance.  When we were finished praying, she allowed us to minister to her with food and water.  One of our ladies then took her where she needed to go.   I believe Elizabeth has received freedom; however, she must now choose to walk in it.

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