Balance and Powerful Encounters

One of the things I know about myself is that I am a “high” justice and “low” mercy type individual.   Fortunately Mike is just the opposite.  He is high on the mercy scale and low on the justice scale.   God knew what He was doing when He put us together.  Here is a great example.

As we were getting into our cars on Tuesday evening a lady approached and asked us for $2.  I asked what she needed it for and she said she needed it so she could stay at the mission for the night.  When I asked her the name of the mission she couldn’t tell me, but said it was on Agnes (I did not know of any missions on Agnes).  I asked her how much lodging for the night cost and she said it was $8.   I commented that she then obviously had the other $6.  She said she had $5 and that she was going to ask someone up the street for the rest.   I then told her that I would think if she really needed lodging she would ask for the entire $8, and that I was concerned she was looking to use the money for other purposes.   At that she left and walked off.

Mike and Kim got in the van and we began to talk about the conversation.  I could tell Mike was troubled and he said that he believed we were supposed to take her to the shelter and provide for her room.   So we went and looked for her.  We caught up with her a few blocks down the road and ended up taking her to a shelter in the area.  I found out when we arrived, that she had been staying there and had left a day before.  They were happy to welcome her back…God’s will was done…and I had to repent.   I’m so thankful for balance in the body of Christ.

Today a woman and man entered the building.  The man asked if I remembered him?  He had entered into our service about 6-8 weeks ago and asked us if we could pray for his mother.  He had received word that she had nearly died that morning and was in ICU.   We had all gathered around him and prayed over him and his mother.    Today he stopped by to tell me the story of the miracle that had taken place in her life.  He had called to check on her that afternoon and learned that she had made a miraculous recovery.   What was more profound to him though was the way he had entered our door.   He explained to me that he had actually passed by and was nearly 2 blocks down the street when he was compelled to cross the street and come straight towards the water jug.  He told me, “I even remember what it said: ‘Cold water compliments of Jesus Christ.'”   He told me he had no intention of coming here, but the compulsion was too strong and the words on the water penetrated deep within him.

In talking with this couple (over a cup of cold water from our new fangled refrigerated water cooler, donated by one of our overseer’s church) I found out that they are needing to find housing in the next day or so.  His companion once served the Lord in ministry, but she fell into sin and has walked away from the faith.   The Lord impressed upon me that the stain of her sin, makes her feel unworthy and that she has given up.   Before they left I prayed for them hand in hand and asked them to keep me informed of how they are doing.

This visit was a validation for me once again.  I found myself wrestling with doubt as I got here today and this encounter was helpful in crucifying those lies.

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