I Want You Out of Town!

About a year ago we began ministering to a man that showed up one night in December.   He was very involved with us until May, when he had a setback with his SSI check and cursed God and began cursing us as well.

Over the summer he showed up again for a couple of weeks, before once again something set him off and he left cursing God and cursing us.

A few weeks ago he showed during our addiction recovery ministry on Thursday nights, this time with a new appearance and a new name.   He told the group leader that he was an Old Testament preacher and began to make comments mean to give the appearance that this was his first visit to our facility.  When Mike arrived and greeted him by his “true” name he became very agitated and once again left in an agitated state.

Last night Mike was leading when this man showed up again.  He stepped in and informed Mike, in some rather colorful language, that he had the Old Testament and we had the New Testament.   He decreed that we were a false church and he wanted us “out of town.”

The spiritual implications of this interaction are testimony to all that God is doing at 805 S. Staples.   I’m humbled when I think about the thousands of believers around the world who experiences these types of interactions and much more on a daily basis, because they carry the message of Christ with them.

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