January 11, 2013 – Students and Heroes

Local pastors who were honored for their service

Local pastors who were honored for their service

Today we went to Bukwo to spend time with some of the former students of Redeemer Bible School and to meet with some of the long standing ministers of the region.  As we were leaving Suam we heard rifle shots up in the hills and learned that there had been a violent dispute between two families the night before.   The gunshots were warning shots to those who had been responsible for the previous night’s activities.  Needles to say, this certainly was an interesting start to our day.

Upon our arrival in Bukwo we decided to combine our original program of meeting with former students together with our intended program for Saturday that would honor local church leaders.   This was done to accommodate many other activities going on in the region.  Scott started the meeting by giving a Bible teaching.  I followed up by sharing our heart for the Bible School.   Once I arrive back in the U.S., I will be working on securing a Bachelor’s level curriculum for our prior students who wish to go forward.  We will also be starting classes once again in the Bukwo district.

After laying out the future for the Bible school, we honored the local church leaders who have set the example for others to follow.  Many of these leaders have faced imprisonment and even physical harm in carrying out their ministry work.   The certificates we presented seemed insufficient in honoring these leaders, but they all expressed deep gratitude for the recognition of their work.

Once the conference ended, we returned to Kapkoros to finish up the High Voltage Conference.  When we arrived, Scott felt a very difficult message was being asked of him, so we spent some time praying for him.   That evening Scott delivered a powerful message on giving God everything.  This message was an appropriate culmination for all that had been spoken and experienced during the week.

Once the conference ended, we spent another hour speaking specifically to the leadership of the B.O.C. churches within the region.   I cautioned them on letting pride into their ministry and I warned them to under gird their young people.  As we closed, I was formally invited to speak in their conference again in 2014.

As we departed we discussed the need to return to Kenya a day earlier to give Scott and Nathanael more time to get acquainted with the area.

One thought on “January 11, 2013 – Students and Heroes

  1. . Reading through this made me feel home again, I come from Bukwo but I live in Germany now. It is true what pastor raised on structuring church leaders is very important,
    this will help people realized their vision in God. sometimes I feel people are moving from one end to the other and this they carry the innocent ones with alongside them. there is an urgent and serious need to structure leaders in this regions. Not only that, most of the lifestyles are inherited from generations that may not be needed as per this generation’s,the whole system need to be exhumed and looked deep into it. People need to define God as God and not status or materials things.
    Otherwise I love the pictures, it reminds me of home, I was able to notices some of my relatives in small grass houses.
    It is not only the faith, it is also the education levels,lack of exposures and cultures that are rooted so deep inside the people.
    The subject of polygamy, wife iheriates and female circumcision has eaten by people alot.
    Prayer for you all. Do not give up visiting them, it may look hard,expensive,disapointing but with faith,and the little words we give them as we continue visiting them, they will realized that they themselves have a role to play to change their enviroment. Now they may not see it, it is just too dark for them to understand it, I mean some act on farytale stories,they are not able to understand it too.

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