January 18, 2013 – Mzungus and Business

Horace and Phyllis Leister Tumaini Children's Home

Horace and Phyllis Leister Tumaini Children’s Home

I was blessed last night when I arrived at my host home.  I am being hosted by Pastor Nimrod Masau and his wife Priscilla.  Pastor Masau is the overseeing bishop for Faith Ministries East Africa, a pastoral equipping ministry.   Their home doubles as a ministry conference center so it is very spacious and their hospitality is second to none.  We spent the evening discussing the challenges facing the Kenyan church and our respective ministry work.

This morning I had the pleasure of connecting with Horace and Phyllis Leister.  I met Horace and Phyllis through their son Jake who attends church with me in Wichita.  The Leisters run Tumaini Children’s Home in Eldoret where they are responsible for over 20 children who were abandoned.  The Leister’s shared the stories of a number of the children and the miraculous ways that God has intervened in their lives.

After visiting the children’s home, I went to the business district of Eldoret where I spoke at a daily lunch gathering.  I spoke on the parable of the talents and challenged the audience to become better stewards of their skills and abilities.

Afterwards I spent the afternoon with Adams and a young pastor and entrepreneur named Pastor Elisha, whom we had just become acquainted with.  Pastor Elisha purchased our lunch and then thanked me for my words to the lunch time gathering.  He said he had been wrestling with a business decision and that fear had been holding him back.  In my message he found a breakthrough and he was very excited.

This evening I returned to Langas and spoke on the healing of Naaman.  Tomorrow I will be meeting with the faculty at Rift Valley Technical Training Institute and then speaking in Langas again tomorrow night.

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