January 20, 2013 – Wrapping Up

The Jesus Altar church family at Langas

The Jesus Altar church family at Langas

Today was my final ministry day in Africa.  Tomorrow I will be boarding my first flight around 5:30 PM to begin the trip back home.  Today it was important for me to put the distraction of going home aside and finish strong.

This morning I was back at the church in Langas and the church was filled to capacity.  Pastor Margaret led the people in an extended time of prayer and worship before I spoke.  I spoke from James chapter 1 on the importance of standing firm in the face of trials and temptation.

After I had finished preaching several people came forward to thank me for spending so much time with them.  I was then presented with a gift as well as additional gifts for Scott and Nathanael.  I have yet to open my gift and will wait until my family can watch me.  After the gift was given, the worship team begin singing and during the song many came up and shook my hand, placing a monetary gift in my hand as well.  I must tell you, this was the most humbling experience.  I have spoken in multiple churches while I have been in Africa, expecting nothing.  Now I am in a church in the slums with people who have so little and yet they want to bless me.   I nearly wept over their generosity.

When the service was done, I took numerous pictures with the church and individuals from the church.  When the pictures were over, the children all sat down and were given a mug for water and they waited patiently for a roll that was about the size of a small cupcake.  For many of these children it would be their only meal for today, if not for several days.  These children endure so much, many of them are barefoot eaten up with chiggers.

We then departed and went to pray with one of the church families in their home and from there went to Pastor Margaret’s for dinner.  Over the course of the afternoon Pastor Meshack (one of the Bible school instructors who lives in Langas), Pastor Margaret, Margaret’s sister Kelly and I talked over a multitude of topics.  The most interesting; however, was an in depth conversation on whether birth control was right or wrong and the issue of polygamy (which is very common in Kenya and Uganda).

After dinner I returned to the home where I am staying and began making preparations for my departure tomorrow.

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