January 7, 2013

High Voltage Conference BOC Church Kapkoros, Uganda

High Voltage Conference BOC Church Kapkoros, Uganda

Today we began our primary Ugandan conference at Kapkoros.  The title of the conference is the “High Voltage Conference.”  I am the featured speaker conference along with Scott, Nathanael and Pastor David Otoo from Lira.

We arrived around lunch time and after a small meal of chapatti, matoke and tea we started the conference.  Over our meal, I learned that Kapkoros means “the place of sacrifice.”  The site of the church had once been a tribal sacrificial ground.  I spoke in the first session on Romans 12:1, becoming a living sacrifice.  I was followed by a local pastor named David Chemonges who spoke on the glory of God in your life.   I finished out the day by speaking on the importance of taking up your cross daily to follow Jesus.

As we ended the conference we learned that Scott had successfully received his new passport and was on his way to Eldoret.  We also learned that Apostle Adams had become very ill with a cough and high fever, but that he would hopefully be on the way back from Nairobi on Tuesday.

Today is also my 24th wedding anniversary; I was missing Carol very much as we have never spent an anniversary apart from one another.  I asked Scott to send her a Facebook message while he was in Nairobi.

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