Lunchbags, luggage and layovers

This past week we were blessed by a family from another local church.  Their pastor is one of my overseers and he had shared our story with his congregation.   They were so moved that they decided to help support our ministry efforts with something we had been seeking for some time…vienna sausages, fruit cups and crackers.   They even supplied the lunch sacks for us to put together ready made meals for the homeless who come across our path.   We had no sooner put them togetherand  prayed over them, when a young man walked in.   He asked if we had work and we told him that we did not.  I asked him if we could pray for him or feed him, but he walked out the door.  I prayed for him as he walked away and almost as soon as I had said “amen”, he reappeared in the door asking if the lunch sacks had food.   This contact allowed us to meet and further minister to Jamyron.

I’m writing this blog post from the international terminal at Chicago O’hare.   Last night’s flight was uneventful, but my hope to get a decent night’s sleep was not so grand.  My room was on the end of the hall near the motel entrance.  I was serenaded by traffic noise, people entering and exiting, and a very amorous couple in the adjacent room.   That’s ok, it should allow me to sleep more on the two overseas flights.  I have a 7 hour layover in Chicago before catching my 4PM flight to Frankfurt, Germany.   Fortunately, this is the longest of my layovers.

God is already doing miraculous work in this trip.  Pastor Santhosh had great difficulty in getting the conferences together in Delhi and Kerala, prompting him to cancel them yesterday.  After an email session that included some options for a more “intimate gathering”, the conferences are back on again and Pastor Santhosh seems to have gotten his second wind.

I will try to post as I have internet access.

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