A testimony that just keeps getting better.

Ugandan man coming to faith in Christ

Ugandan man coming to faith in Christ

During my time in Uganda, this past May, I had the privilege of preaching in the PCM Church in Kapchesoy.

One afternoon as I had finished preaching and was sitting down, the whole church erupted in celebration.  I learned that they were celebrating, because a man (pictured) who was the village drunkard and troublemaker was giving his life to Christ.

In the days that followed, I learned his story.  He was cooking beer a mile and half from the church.  He had been drinking all day and was already drunk.  As he explained he heard a voice telling him that he needed to run as fast as he could to the church and give his life to Jesus.     He had arrived, just as I sat down and he went forward and gave his life to Jesus.

The next day, his closest friend was at the front of the church giving his life to Jesus, because of what he had witnessed the day before.  Now if that was the story, that would be absolutely amazing in itself, but it gets even better.   I received this update from Pastor Adams today:

The lord is still working great things and fire as never ceased!
The man you prayed for him during the conference in Kapchesoy church who came smelling alcohol is still firm. The lord has used him to win 12 other drunkards to Christ and many are coming to get saved because of his salvation.
We have enrolled him in our Bible College and taking certificate. I was with him and told me to send you his personal greetings.

He has a hunger and passion to reaching the lost. He told me he will resign soon from teaching to start preaching the Gospel but I told him first he should seek the lord before taking any step.

One transformed life, transforming the lives of others.  The power of God is truly amazing to watch.

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