Rain and renewal

Yesterday afternoon it was raining pretty heavily. When I am at 805, I always have the front door propped open with a brick, inviting people to come in.

During the rain a man walked in who I have become somewhat familiar with, because I see him walk by almost every day. This man is easily recognized, because he always has a bandanna on.

He said “I need you to pray for me, I’m a crack addict.” He went on to tell me that he had woken up yesterday morning and something was different. He knew he needed to leave the drugs alone and he was asking me to pray for him, because he needed extra strength.

Robert, as I learned his name to be, shared with me his story. He had once been very active in church. He played guitar in worship, served as a deacon and seemed to have it all together until crack cocaine entered his life. Robert has been looking for companionship with the local prostitutes, but he finds it empty and meaningless. He recently became a grandfather and his daughter told him that he would not see the grandbaby as long as crack was a part of his life.

I also learned that Robert wears the bandanna, because it makes him look tougher, so no one will mess with him.

I placed my hands on Robert and began to speak to Jesus about his life. Robert left with a new look of peace on his face. He made me write down our service times and he told me to look for him in the coming days.

God is awakening righteousness in the hearts of the people in this neighborhood. Continue to pray for Robert and so many who are like him.

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