Friday thoughts

I finally had two job interviews yesterday.  The process for both positions will take some time, so we’ll see where the Lord leads.   I continue to ask Him to clearly show me His direction for my life and the ministry of Simplicity.   Carol and I both believe that this time is more about the process of searching out the heart of God and less about the end result.   We both sense that the answer will once again be something that at this point is out of view and not on our radar screen.   Time will tell.

Carol and Kim attended a woman’s conference last night at Corpus Christi Christian Fellowship, so Mike and I had Organic Group with our kids.   The conversation was not as free flowing as it is when Kim and Carol are with us, but it was still good none the less.   We had studied Mark 13:14-23 on Sunday, so we were discussing these passages on the tribulation.   It was great getting to help my kids better understand a passage that is difficult for adults much less a 7 and 11 year old.

After Organic Group, we went back to Mike’s house and he played a documentary movie for me called The Heart of Texas.  This is one of the most powerful stories I have ever heard.   The movie profiles a community tragedy that displayed God’s love in a powerful way through the response of the family affected.   I don’t tend to get overly emotional, but this was a very emotional movie for me to watch, especially with my two youngest children near by.   To see God’s power moving in a circumstance that few of us could ever imagine.

This weekend we will be handing out water at the central bus terminal again and having our monthly cookout on the parking lot at Simplicity.

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