Challenges, victories and other miscellaneous ramblings

This weekend was a wonderful weekend in our ministry.  Carol and Kim spent Thursday, Friday and Saturday at a women’s conference that was life changing for both of them in a number of ways.   From my observation, both of them came back with less baggage and greater freedom.

Saturday was our second week of passing out water at the bus transfer station.  Within an hour we had distributed over 200 bottles of cold water.  I had a conversation with Norberta, who wanted me to have some copies of her Watchtower and Awake magazines.  She explained to me that she didn’t understand the Bible, so she used those magazines for her Biblical teaching.   Several times she stated to me:  “I work as hard as I can in hopes that God will give me His Spirit.”  As much as she would allow me to, I spoke to her about God’s grace that is all sufficient.   In the end she allowed me to pray for her.   She then went and offered her magazines to another man, who simply said, “I would rather have a Bible.”  One of the things I need to quickly locate is a very inexpensive way to load up on some pocket sized Bibles.   My other notable encounter was with a woman, who said my son looked like Beelzebub.   She went on to tell me about the possessed rat that lived under the refrigerator.   She questioned Mike about the demonic spirit in the water we were offering, insisting that only Nestle was pure.   I asked the Lord to set her free.

During the weekend, Kim and Carol met Bernice and they both agreed that she and her husband may be the first of many people of peace we have been praying for.   Mark and Bernice were called by the Lord to come to Corpus Christi from Syracuse, NY last year.   Saturday night Mark called and asked where the church was and yesterday they spent the day with us.   This couple is amazingly gifted and their own personal stories of deliverance were powerful.   I am looking forward to watching how God uses them in this city.

Saturday afternoon, Carol had an hour long talk with our neighbor.  Next Sunday she, her family and a best friend are going to join us.   We have been praying for the Lord to give us this opportunity.

The highlight of my weekend was late yesterday afternoon.  We had set up a canopy in front of the church and cooked hot dogs.  As per usual we cooked more than enough for anyone who just happened to come by.  Yesterday, no one was coming by until a young man walked up…a young man we had last seen nearly 6 months ago.   His countenance had changed, there was humility in his words…God has used 6 months of wandering to soften his heart.   We all rejoiced and loved on him.  Tomorrow I will be taking him to Alice, TX to see his mother…she hasn’t seen him since he left home a few years ago.  We are praying for great healing to take place.

A new challenge (seems like an old challenge) has surfaced in our lives.  The landlord dropped by Saturday to inform us that she was going to put the house on the market beginning August 1st.   This has already happened to us 2 other times since arriving in Corpus Christi in January of 2007.    So here we are with only Carol’s part time income, struggling to make ends meet, possibly needing to move; however, through it all we have a confidence that God’s answer will be beyond our wildest dreams.

On the income front, I had two interviews last Thursday that may lead to more interviews in the coming weeks.  I find myself tired…I either want to enter into my new professional role and get on with it or see the Lord provide in a way that keeps me on the course He set me on.   This in between, not knowing, not able to pay the bills period is weighing on my spirit…I daily give it over to Him, but I get reminded very strongly of my circumstance quite regularly.   I know that He is molding and shaping me into the vessel He’s had in mind for all of eternity…so I trust even when I don’t want to.

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