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Last week I was so excited about the young man who had returned.  I took him to Alice to see family and he returned to Corpus Christi with me that afternoon, because he knew it was in his best interest.   Unfortunately, I learned a day later that he had already been kicked out of the mission and was back on the streets.   I continue to pray for the Lord’s powerful touch on the lives of the people here.

Saturday, while we were at the bus transfer station, the Lord allowed us to have another great conversation with someone there.   Mike was able to speak at length with a woman who had attended church with he and Kim several years back.   This woman was no longer in church, but hungry to have fellowship once again.   We were blessed on Sunday to have her with us.  We also had another man with us on Sunday whom we had met a few weeks ago as he was seeking shelter.   We are thankful that the people of the area are beginning to search us out.   This was reaffirmed today as a woman who had attended our opening Sunday asked if we were still meeting and indicated her desire to come again with her grandson.

On the job front I have had 2 interviews already this week and have another scheduled tomorrow.  The positions require a number of interviews and testing, but I am starting to get a considerable ways into the process with each one.  The Lord has also helped me rule out the things that have not been a good fit.   I will be glad to see this process finish out so I can get focused on firming up our financial foundation.

Tom Blackaby and I have been working on our travel plans for October and I am so excited about our time together in India.  I look forward to seeing Pastor Paul once again and finally spending face to face time with Pastor Santhosh.

Yesterday was my talk radio interview on Embracing God’s Best.  I did not receive a call in number before the broadcast, so we were scrambling to get connected on the front end.  The interview went so quickly, that we didn’t even get into the ministry of Simplicity; however, it was exactly what God wanted spoken.

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