On a Lighter Note

I’ve been home from Africa now for 5 days.   As I take time to reflect and put pictures together, I also find myself chuckling over the things that make Western Kenya and Eastern Uganda unique.   Here is my list of favorites:

  • Public nose picking is totally acceptable.   Two friends can enjoy a pick and a conversation together.
  • Muzungu fascination – children would run out to the road and all work would stop, simply because a white man was near
  • Muzungu prices – my hotel in Kitale cost $300 Shillings per day extra, simply because I was a Muzungu.  The zoo in Nairobi cost me $19 US more than anyone else in the group
  • African time – always at least 2 hours past the stated beginning or ending time
  • Food for honored guests – the honored guest always gets the chicken’s gizzard
  • Greetings – bad greetings will cost you friendships and business clients.   All business will be put on hold until every guest has had a chance to bring greetings to the audience.
  • Ugandan handshakes – plan to hold hands for at least 1-2 minutes and renew your grip 2-3 times during that period

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