Africa Itinerary

Here is the itinerary for Africa:

Friday, Apr 16

~ 1p, Depart CC

Saturday, Apr 17

~ 7:25p (11:25a our time) Arrive in Nairobi, Kenya

Sunday, Apr 18

~Minister at David’s church, (Nairobi)

Monday, Apr 19-

~ Travel to Eldoret and have lunch with Redeemer Bible College students at Eldoret Technical Institute. One of the students wants you to dedicate her grandchild during that meal. The media will be present to take coverage and you will have time to share our vision on media on SAYARE RTV Eldoret.

Tuesday, Apr 20

~ Travel to Mt Elgon but stop at Kamukunywa at Pastor Peter Wasai who recently joined our network, then to Chebich where we will have our lunch and ordain Pastor Peter Wasai and Pastor Dan as we also receive them into the fellowship. After lunch, we will travel to Mt. Eglon.

Wed-Fri, Apr 21-23

~ Minster in Mt. Eglon, pastor’s conference in the daytime and preach publically in the evenings

Saturday, Apr 24

~ Redeemer Bible College Graduation, Kakamega (Mtunga town)

~ 10p-12a (2p-4p our time)- live youth show at Sayare (radio) (in Eldoret)

Sunday, Apr 25-

~ 12a-4a (Sat 4p-8p our time)- ministering and praying for peoples’ needs (radio)

~ 4a-5a (Sat 8p-9p our time)- Live Morning Devotion (radio)

~ Sunday service (10a-12p, 2a-4a our time)- at Pastor Adams’ church for service, will include a small graduation ceremony (1-2p, 5-6a our time) for Redeemer Bible College (in Kitale)

Monday, Apr 26

~ Travel to Mbale, Uganda via Malaba border

~ 11a-5p (3a-9a)- two sessions ministering to pastors and church leaders hosted by Bishop Patrick (Impact Ministries)

~ Sleep in Kapchorwa

Tuesday, Apr 27

~ 10a-11a (2a-3a our time)- Meet with students on Kapchorwa campus

~ Travel to conference venue in Chewower, arrive at 2p (6a our time)

~ Have lunch there, meet pastors as they arrive

Tues-Fri, Apr 27-30

~ Conference at church in Chewower

Saturday, May 1

~ Redeemer Bible College Graduation in Bukwo 10a-1p (2a-5a our time)

~ Travel to Kitale

Sunday, May 2

~ Sunday service at Driver John’s church (their chauffer for the two weeks) from 10a-12p (2a-4a our time)

~ have lunch and travel back to Nairobi

Monday, May 3

~ 10:20p (2:10a our time) Depart Nairobi, Kenya

Tuesday, May 4

~ 6:30 pm Arrive in CC

Please be in prayer for our students in Kapchorwa, Uganda as we learned of the death of one of their classmates this morning.

Some pictures from India

Leader's conference outside of Delhi

Leader’s conference outside of Delhi

Speaking at leader's conference outside of Delhi

Speaking at leader’s conference outside of Delhi

Pastor Santhosh and his family in their home

Pastor Santhosh and his family in their home

Tom speaking at pastor's meeting in Amellepolly...he had not slept in nearly 3 days at this point

Tom speaking at pastor’s meeting in Amellepolly…he had not slept in nearly 3 days at this point

Tom after his all night train ride in the top bunk.

Tom after his all night train ride in the top bunk.

Tom and I praying with a pastor in Amellepolly

Tom and I praying with a pastor in Amellepolly

Tom speaking at open air crusade in Madurai

Tom speaking at open air crusade in Madurai

Open air meeting in Madurai

Open air meeting in Madurai

Waiting in line for lunch in the Delhi pastor's conference

Waiting in line for lunch in the Delhi pastor’s conference

Praying with a church leader in Kerala

Praying with a church leader in Kerala


Pastor Sabu and his wife ministering together in Kerala

Pastor Sabu and his wife ministering together in Kerala

Sharing a meal with pastor Santhosh

Sharing a meal with pastor Santhosh

Testimonies from Kenya and Uganda

These are some of the testimonies that have come in since my arrival back in the US.

From Kitale, Kenya:

Greetings in Jesus name.Hope these email finds you well in the lord there.Thanks very much for coming to Africa.Thanks for speaking to my life prophetically.Today i have been given a lot of Testimonies after i announced yesterday in the church that i have heard the voice of God and he has given me the direction in the ministry that the lord has called me to do.The ministry of worship that he has put on my life.Many of the people have testified on how these ministry of worship has affected their lives and they are wondering how the lord is doing through these worship.We have met with those three pastors today during lunch time,we prayed together and also we prayed for your journey.Apostle Stephen reminded me to tell you that we shall be organizing together pastors and leaders conference here in Kitale town on August.Our target is to have 1000 pastors to come for the conference.I will give you the schedule of august when i finish working together.i have read the book that you gave me and i have come a cross some powerful messages,experience is a good teacher and i have discovered that it is true.I will be sharing with you testimonies as we communicate.Have a safe journey with powerful meditations.

Also from Kitale, Kenya –

We were honored to have you minister in our church during your mission trip to Africa.The lord is continuing to do incredible things in our church.We are seeing great move of God in our church members and church leaders.

From a denominational leader in Uganda –

Greetings in jesus name.Thanks for your message sent to me

Truly you have helped opur people especially in such trainings of bible shool.

I do really see the need to work as a team so as to accomplish what God has planned to do through us.

Please Sir,your input is very essential in such a nation for the welfare of the gospel to go forward.

There are many fields to team up together and allow God to be lifted through us.

Testimonies from Kenya and Uganda –

Thank you for your worm love. We bless the lord for your previous trip to East Africa.We ware tremendously blessed with your ministry. Mary my wife was completely healed from her back pain up to now, she doesn’t complain of any pain like she used to be. She does her regular work without any problem at all. We bless our God for what He did through you in Africa. The lord came before you to prepare the hearts that is why there was open reception of your apostolic teaching and receiving of the revelation of the mystery as referred to Ephesians 3;4-6 We saw the lord doing awesome work in Africa through you as many saints, pastors and church leaders received the grace of revelation and understanding.
Many had a transforming experience in both their lives and ministry as radical as the new birth.
In every meeting you ministered, the people received your teaching and received the lord as he came with conviction, releasing impartation of grace and through confirming signs and wonders.

The man you prayed for him in Uganda testified that the power of God did touch him when he heard your voice through the microphone from a two kilometer distance where he was drinking local brew (alcohol) Something within him told him to leave drinking and run to the church, he run so fast that people though he was mad. He found you had just stopped preaching and came strait to the pulpit and gave his life to Jesus.
This was the power of God. Hell had a blackout in Uganda. Demons and devils trembled as God of Glory moved in these darkest sites of the world. God is begging to raise an army who will match forward in His grace, putting hell in mess and establishing His kingdom in these days. Hallelujah!!

I have received several testimonies of healing, breakthroughs, deliverance, salvation and many incredible things that the lord did across Kenya and Uganda.

I want to share with you one from the pastor in Uganda and I will send to you many soon.

Pastor Stephen-Bukwo PCM church-Uganda
I had never experience the power of the Holy Spirit in my life until the servant of God Rev Carl Willis laid his hands on me and anointed my head with oil. For the first time the power of God touched me. I felt like fire burning from my toes to the head. My body shook terribly and there was an inner peace.
Also for my church we had never witness such a move of God, for the first time the Holy Spirit entered our church in power. He was awesome to see Him deliver a lady who was possessed with evil spirit. Such a thing had never happened in my church.

I saw everybody running in front with desperation of meeting with Jesus. The whole church was prayed for. The last two Sunday, the lord has blessed us tremendously and He has raised different ministries that we never had in our church. We acknowledge that we were so religious and we had never given the Holy Spirit a room. We are now enjoying the atmosphere of the Holy Spirit. We bless the lord for sending you to us. Indeed it was the Macedonia call of Paul.

More testimonies from Uganda –

The lord is still healing and delivering.there is this lady who attended our our meeting and invited us for a diner.Whose son got saved,the one came running to recieve jesus Christ.She had been abundoned by her husband for 30 years.The family you prayed with them at night whose daughter has been cribbled.

She shared with me that her husband came back to her.She is not only happy for her husband but also for the salvation of her son.

people are so happy for what the lord did.

There is this lady also from kenya who had growth in her stomatch.She had gone to many hospitals seeking for medical solutions but it never beared any fruit.She took your word by faith.

She got healed.She is now eating the foods she was told not test or eat.She has resummed to her work.She is a primary teacher.And many Rev that pen can not write.

On a Lighter Note

I’ve been home from Africa now for 5 days.   As I take time to reflect and put pictures together, I also find myself chuckling over the things that make Western Kenya and Eastern Uganda unique.   Here is my list of favorites:

  • Public nose picking is totally acceptable.   Two friends can enjoy a pick and a conversation together.
  • Muzungu fascination – children would run out to the road and all work would stop, simply because a white man was near
  • Muzungu prices – my hotel in Kitale cost $300 Shillings per day extra, simply because I was a Muzungu.  The zoo in Nairobi cost me $19 US more than anyone else in the group
  • African time – always at least 2 hours past the stated beginning or ending time
  • Food for honored guests – the honored guest always gets the chicken’s gizzard
  • Greetings – bad greetings will cost you friendships and business clients.   All business will be put on hold until every guest has had a chance to bring greetings to the audience.
  • Ugandan handshakes – plan to hold hands for at least 1-2 minutes and renew your grip 2-3 times during that period

One more flight

It is 9:30AM in Amsterdam.  I just cleared security for my last flight to Nairobi.  I should arrive there around 10PM.  The flights have been packed, but fortunately the transatlantic flight was only 6 1/2 hours.   The airport here in Amsterdam is very modern, and probably among my favorite airports in the world.   The country side surrounding the airport is very lush and very green.  The memorable part of coming through this airport is the regular public address messages that go like this:  “Mr. Jones you are holding up the flight to Brussells.  Please report immediately or we will remove your luggage.”

I’m hoping to sleep on this Nairobi flight.  I didn’t sleep much at all on the transatlantic flight.

A Proper Send Off

One of the things that I have done since I began travelling internationally is a time of prayer and commissioning before I leave.  Tonight I was joined by a dozen or so of my closest prayer supporters.  Several scripture passages were given to me during this time.   They included Jeremiah 33:3 and Philippians 4:8-9 among others.   The key theme of each passage and the words that were spoken to me was the Lord’s promise to be with me,  His direction to follow Him in obedience and the promise of His Spirit working through me.  A word was also given about a stubborn spirit in those I would be speaking to and the need to pray for open doors and effective doors.

The group then anointed my head with oil and spent 20 minutes laying hands upon me and praying for me as the Lord led.   This was such a special time and their prayers echoed the longings of my soul.   When it was finished one of the intercessors shared a vision she had while praying for me of Holy fire surrounding my entire person.

We ended our time by sharing a pan of brownies that Collin had baked this afternoon with the words “Goodbye Dad” written on the top.

2 Days and Counting

It is hard to believe that in 2 days I will board a plane here in Corpus Christi and spend the next 24 hours making my way to Africa.   This trip has me lit up with anticipation of all that God seeks to do in Kenya and Uganda, but more importantly in me.   This is not my first mission trip overseas alone, but there is a difference this time.  I have a greater awareness this go around of my full dependence upon God.

Those who pray for me and give regular counsel are all saying similar things.  Each one reiterating the understanding that this trip is the Lord’s doorway into the next chapter of my ministry call and my walk with Him.   The Lord has spent the last several months taking me through the process of complete surrender to Him.   Every step of faith has been a practical exercise in drawing closer to Him.

The word the Lord has given me for this journey is “steadfastness.”  I will be speaking to these Christian leaders about examples of standing firm…Moses, Joseph, Daniel and others.    This word is also for me.   The Lord has been teaching me how to stand firm, even when it seems nearly impossible.

When I return, we will be considering our next steps as a ministry.  The Lord has been speaking to me about “mobility” in serving the body and we find ourselves through the transitions of life once again honed down to a core nucleus in our ministry.   The Lord is at work, but He has not yet fully revealed His plan for Simplicity in the days to come.

Time alone with God

Last September I started a retreat series called “Longing for His Presence.”  The purpose of this series is to help a person build solid spiritual formation disciplines into their lives.  Each retreat is 2 1/2 days in length and focuses on a few key disciplines.  In the first retreat about 30% of the time is spent in silence and the remaining 70% is content.  The second retreat is about 60% silence and solitude and 40% content.   The third retreat is 90% silence and solitude and 10% content.

Today I completed the third retreat.  My time in silence and solitude before the Lord was very refreshing.  I found that my soul had grown somewhat parched and I needed a refreshing flood of the Lord’s presence.   The theme for this retreat was John 15 and for me the key thought was “Abide in My rest.”

Over the past 2 1/2 days the Lord has reminded me of His great love, His all sufficient grace and His constant presence.   He also helped me to see some things about myself more clearly.   The greatest illumination came in the area of my expectancy.   Over the past few years, the Lord has been preparing my heart for some exciting things.   With these preparations came a sense of expectancy; however, over time I have allowed that sense of expectancy in some ways to become an expectation of how God should be moving and at what speed.   This subtle shift creates an undesirable quality in my character…impatience.   I found myself today asking the Lord to give me a new found joy in times of waiting.

The Lord also showed me that I struggle with wanting to see stability and structure in my circumstances, because I often view myself as unworthy to fulfill the call on my life.   Humbling revelations about myself, yet they are very accurate.   A fellow brother helped me to see this reality more clearly…he chuckled, because I was already doing the things I felt unworthy to be doing.

Tomorrow it will be one week until I leave for Kenya and Uganda.   I still lack about $2,000 of covering my ground transportation, lodging and meals.   I know the Lord will provide, even though those provisions are not realized yet.  Living on the edge in faith and walking in complete trust are all apart of the journey He has me on.

Preparing for Kenya/Uganda

I’ve been watching the clock tick by quickly and was finding myself wrestling with doubts about my upcoming trip to Africa.  The Lord has spoken clearly on several occassions directing me to make this journey, but things didn’t seem to be coming together.

Today the Lord began to clear the path in front of me.  This afternoon I was handed an envelope that covered my airfare to and from Nairobi.  There was enough extra for me to get my anti-malaria pills and a yellow fever vaccination.

My wife and I both find ourselves eager to see how God provides the remaining resources for my in country travel.

I am also thrilled, because my partner pastor in Kenya asked if I had a spare laptop that he could use for the Bible college.  It just so happens I have one that simply needs to have the power button fixed.   I was so glad that I can meet that need for him.