Donuts, bologna and relationships

This morning as we were getting ready for worship.  A couple of guys came across the street to get water out of our cooler.  I brought some donuts out and while we were talking another man came across the street.   We talked a few minutes and he asked when service started.  I told him, and invited him to come on in, since the coffee was hot and the chairs were plentiful.   This man told me how he had returned to Corpus Christi from San Antonio and was here to do some work for a man for a few weeks.  He said that he normally lived in one of the shelters when he came to town.

As the morning went on, I learned that he had once been on fire for the Lord, but had made some choices that led him into the land of the prodigal.   He went on to say that God had been convicting him about his need to return to the loving arms of his Heavenly Father.   He admitted that he had been fighting the conviction that he needed to return to church, and in fact had no intention of being in a church today, but when he saw Mike and I talking with the other two men, he knew he had to come.

Before the day was over we prayed with him, had him join us for lunch and got him a shower and fresh change of clothes.  Tomorrow he will be looking to get into one of the missions and I invited him to spend the morning with me down at the church until his work begins in the afternoon.

Also this morning I got a phone call from a man who had no food in his house and does not receive his monthly money until the 3rd.  His request was simple:  some eggs, some bologna and a loaf of bread.   The Lord prompted me that I needed to respond.   I showed up on his doorstep an hour later and he invited me in.  He was somewhat surprised that I had actually followed through on my promise.   As we talked I learned that he suffers from severe diabetes and that he is trying to make things work on $767/month.  His rent takes $450 and his medicine takes another $200.

As we talked he said, “I need to be truthful with you.  I got your number off of your TV program.”  I laughed and told him, that I was glad somebody was watching it.   As we talked further he shared his uncertainty of whether or not he was truly a redeemed child of God, bought and paid for with the blood of Jesus.   I shared with him, how he could have certainty today.  He told me that he would not pray in front of me, because he didn’t want my presence to influence his response, but the mist in his eyes told me that my words had gone straight to his heart.

He hugged me as I left and I now have an open invitation to come and see him anytime.  I will take him up on that offer…he loves coffee, so next time I stop by it will be with a fresh cup in hand.

Fresh testimony from East Africa

I received this email on Wednesday from Pastor Adams, the Lead Pastor of East Africa ministries for Simplicity:

Dear Rev.
> I would to share with you what the lord did recently in my mission
> trip to West Pokot many KM from our home town.
> This is our seventh year
> in Kenya. Our hearts are entwined with the people of this nation.
> Indeed it’s the land that calls for the righteousness of God. The Lord
> has continued to bring forth His word to encourage and exhort this
> nation so that they may rise up to righteousness and advance the
> kingdom of God.
> The lord has given us
> favor and expands our many areas of influence and His power of healing
> is bringing mighty transformation in the lives of His people across
> this nation especially in the rural areas where the gospel is list
> preached.
> As we proclaim Jesus,
> Words flow from our lips like the sword and fire cutting and burning
> hearts like fire. The villages are shaken by the power of God resident
> in His word coming through His vessel with power and grace. The
> response of brethren here has been a time of repentance and making
> their ways right with God.
> We returned from another
> mission trip on the hills of Pokot and Marakwet, Kenya. The people of
> these regions are cattle keepers and they depend on their animals for
> survival. Few churches are planted in these areas because of the
> insecurity. We had a great time with them as we shared the love of
> Jesus with the native people of that region. Many came to our crusades
> and evening revival. They came and sat down on the grass and listened
> to us in the crusade. When we invited them for the altar call many
> gave their lives to Jesus. Miracles were also present as many got
> healed from different kinds of diseases. But among all, three miracles
> turned the whole village to Christ.
> 1)      There was a
> man who was bed-ridden for six months (H.I.V positive) who could not
> walk or even talk. We went with Brother Apollo to his home. We found
> him lying on bed, the wife told us of what happened to her husband six
> months ago and how they have gone to many hospitals but the condition
> of her husband worsened all day long. They are all civil servants
> serving in the Kenyan government. The husband works with the
> Administration police and the lady as a prison warden in Langata
> prisons Nairobi city. But because of the sickness they were given a
> leave to go home. They were all waiting for any fate to happen to
> them. After sharing with them about Jesus they all gave their lives to
> Jesus, then I prayed for both of them then later I prayed for her
> husband and rebuked evil disease to leave his body in Jesus’
> name. His body shook terribly and when we all said Amen, he stood up
> to greet us completely healed by the Lord. What a mighty God we serve!
> 2)      On that
> evening the whole village came for the revival meeting and there was a
> lady who had the issue of blood for a year. She was brought for prayer
> and she was being carried on the bed.
> After prayer she got up and walked and the fountain of blood tried up.
> The next day they all came for a Sunday service and shared with us how
> God healed them. We were amazed and everybody praised the lord.
> 3)      A girl aged
> ten to twelve years was cribled by a strange disease which made her
> hands, feet to wither was healed when I called upon the name of the
> lord. Immediately she struggled to stand alone and our team helped her
> to stand up alone. She was crying as she walked alone.
>  Surely Jesus still heals
> even today. May all glory and honor be to Him and Him alone!
> Father, May you stretch
> your hand and do things that is beyond human imaginations so that this
> world will know you and your power.
> Amen and Amen.
> God bless you Rev
Yours faithfully
Apostle Adams

Walking alone and other observations

Yesterday Mike and I were meeting together for our weekly prayer and accountability time.  As we were talking something struck me.  The people we see walking the streets in front of the church never walk in groups, but instead they are always walking alone.   The Lord helped me see again the isolation of this neighborhood.   Everyone walks alone, because they do not allow themselves to get close to others, for fear that something will be taken from them.

The same spirit is evident in the houses.  Each house has a high fence surrounding it, some even have barbed wire on the top.   No trespassing signs and vicious Pit Bull’s are a common site.   Again, it is driven by a fear of having something taken away.

Last week one of my intercessors had given me a proclamation to make over this neighborhood and the people of the neighborhood.  The proclamation is a declaration that “the enemy has nothing to offer you, nor can he take anything away from you.”   This declaration is critical, as we have had at least two people make this statement to us:  “No one will ever take anything from me again.”

The other observation that we have made is that everyone passing by is carrying a bag.  Plastic bags, backpacks, shoulder bags…most filled with their worldly possessions.   The Lord again gave me greater clarity.  Not only are the people of this neighborhood walking alone, but they are walking alone with the baggage of their life.   The Lord has led us to begin praying for the release of the bondage created by the baggage.

This has been my first week of working from the Simplicity building in Corpus Christi.  There has not been much foot traffic during the day, and the heavy equipment and big dirt piles out front haven’t helped that situation either.

This week I have been presented with several needs from some of my dear African pastors, in addition to our own family needs.   The Lord continues to reassure us through His words to us in scripture and in prayer.  I am not sure how it will all settle out, or even how all of these needs will be met, but I know I am confident in the Lord’s provision in His perfect timing.

Co-Laborers, tearful hugs & friendly waves

One of the things we have been praying for has been co-laborers as Jesus instructed us to:

Matthew 9:37-38 (NASB)
37 Then He *said to His disciples, “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few.
38 “Therefore beseech the Lord of the harvest to send out workers into His harvest.”

This week we were joined during our Tuesday prayer time by a group of prayer intercessors who have worked with me over the last few years.   They will be joining us off and on in the days to come, giving guidance as the Lord gives them clarity.   We were also blessed to have two of these intercessors join us again this morning.  We also had the opportunity to fellowship with 3 different Christian brothers at the bus transfer station yesterday.

Tuesday night was also another milestone for us.  We received our first smile and wave from the street.  This scene was repeated on Thursday evening and again this morning.  The smile and wave today was especially special, because it was from a lady we call “the donut lady.”  We first encountered The Donut Lady, several weeks ago when she took a whole box of donuts we had set out for passers by.

This morning as soon as we arrived at church a man came across the street and asked for some money.   I learned that this man was sleeping in a parking lot across from the church.  I offered some chips and a fruit cup to the man, which he gladly accepted.  I asked the man if I could pray for him, at which time I learned his name was Robert.  Robert fled to the streets when his marriage came to an end.  He drowns his pain in alcohol, but the pain never leaves.  I prayed for Jesus to touch the hurt in his life, as only Jesus can.   Immediately Robert threw his arms around me and wept.   Robert didn’t stick around, but I have a sense I will see him again.

My time with Robert impressed upon me the need to be at the building during the week on a more frequent basis.  We took a step of faith and purchased a wireless card for my laptop, and I will begin working from our South Staples location during the week.   I believe God will honor this step, as the number of hurting people is great.

The Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Within

Days like today are the places where the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde within me get revealed.   We began this day with enough gas in Carol’s van to get the kids to and from school today.  I went into town to check the mail for a commission check I was expecting (which wasn’t there).   When I got back from town, my motorcycle was nearly on empty.   We have a $300 truck payment drafting through our bank account tomorrow and we currently have $6 in the bank.  To top it off I awoke with a splitting headache.

I started the morning, by telling the Lord my fears and asking for His strength instead of mine and His trust in Himself to replace my own trust.   I found myself at peace once I had prayed these things through and I went about my work, writing articles to promote the business websites.

About 2PM, Carol suggested we put an old twin bed on Craigslist that we had been holding back for Christopher.  We learned this weekend, that he would not be needing it.   We listed it for $35 ($30 for gas in Carol’s van and $5 for gas in my motorcycle) and within an hour or so we had several emails and a series of phone call from a man who was interested in picking up the bed for his son.

At around 4PM the man showed up, took a quick look at the mattress and box springs and said:  “I’m going to pass.”  By this time my headache had returned full tilt and the hope of seeing gas money provided for went out the window.  Once again I found myself in a downward spiral of doubt, anger, fear, etc…   Angry that I had turned down work for obedience; wishing God would find someone else who was stronger than I am to take on this call; and more than anything just wanting some relief.

Carol began to tell me that God would take care of us and everything would be ok.   I didn’t want to hear anymore “sunshine and promises from Scripture,” and I told her so.   I reminded her that our needs have not been met…how can I even teach others that God will supply all of their needs?  We have more bills unpaid and delinquent than we do paid.  She asked me what did I really need to see?  I told her…people who will not just listen to the burdens of our life, but will actually partner with me month by month, so that I can do this work.   I told her I wanted to see some growth in the businesses.   I just want to see the bills paid and some sort of forward progress.   With my head pounding and my stomach nauseous, I went and laid down.

When I got back up for dinner, Carol said a woman had called asking about the bed.   At 8:20 this evening she gave us $35 for the bed.  Enough for 2/3 tank of gas in Carol’s van and $5 of gas for my motorcycle.   Our need had been met.

I choose to be transparent with you about my fears and my failures, because they are a real part of this church planting journey.  Make no mistake, this journey has cost us everything….financially we are destitute, emotionally I am on fumes, and spiritually my greatest battles are the ones within.   I press on though…sometimes inching forward with my fingernails, because there is a world out there that needs the hope of Jesus.   Even though I give up on Him sometimes, He never gives up on me.  Today He used a $35 mattress at 8:20PM to prove it to me.

As embarassed as I am to share some of this with you I realize I am in good company.   Listen to the Apostle Paul’s description:

2 Corinthians 1:8 (NASB)
8 For we do not want you to be unaware, brethren, of our affliction which came to us in Asia, that we were burdened excessively, beyond our strength, so that we despaired even of life;

and Elijah:

1 Kings 19:9-10 (NASB)
9 Then he came there to a cave, and lodged there; and behold, the word of the LORD came to him, and He said to him, “What are you doing here, Elijah?”
10 And he said, “I have been very zealous for the LORD, the God of hosts; for the sons of Israel have forsaken Thy covenant, torn down Thine altars and killed Thy prophets with the sword. And I alone am left; and they seek my life, to take it away.”

The battle of the flesh will not end until the day Jesus calls me to His side.

You are my Everything

Last week the Lord gave Carol a word for me.  That word was “resolve.”  As I explained in my last blog post, the Lord brought Carol and I under conviction about our actions in seeking a professional role outside of the ministry and businesses I have been given.   The word resolve became critical, because the Lord also asked me to shut the doors I had opened.   Before the week was over I turned down two job offers that had come through my active search for work.   I told Carol at one point “I can’t believe I’m sending lifeboats away;” however, I also understood clearly what the Lord was telling me.  Carol was already firmly planted in her certainty of this direction…the word “resolve” was truly for me.  So here we are starting a new week with the knowledge and commitment that God is our everything.   He is the provision, the safety net, the course…everything.

This weekend was once again a great time in the life of Simplicity.   On Thursday a friend who is a true man of prayer made a commitment to join us every other Tuesday as we pray over our city.  The Lord has already begun to give him a direction for prayer over the South Bluff neighborhood.     Saturday we were back at the bus transfer station.   My most memorable interaction was with a man who asked me:  “Why are you doing this?”  When I told him that God had instructed us to do it, he began to laugh.  I told him, that God may not be someone he acknowledged, but the truth of the fact still remained.

Yesterday during our service we had two different men walk in from off the street.  The first man was Jim.  Jim was leaving his apartment, because he was having conflicts with his neighbors.  As I drove Jim to where he needed to go, Jim went on and on about his need for a good woman in his life.   I reminded him that he needed to discover his identity in Christ first and then worry about finding the right woman.    When I got back to the church another man I had met a few weeks earlier was back.  In his drunkenness, he couldn’t remember that he had been there before, but he did recognize me.  Daniel’s story was still the same, no money, no food, hoping to go to San Antonio.   We provided him a few cans of Vienna Sausage and some chips; however, he told us we were “weird” because we didn’t have anything for him to drink.

Getting back on track

Last Wednesday and Thursday were difficult days for me.  I could not escape negative thoughts.  I felt overwhelmed by everything, and as much as I want to see things through, I found myself wanting to give up at the same time.   I knew I was struggling, so I entered Thursday evening’s prayer time empty and open.   As we began to pray, the prayers began to focus on me and my lack of strength.   Before long a new voice joined us and I heard someone praying in tongues as I was praying.  All of the sudden I found myself out of words, but our guest simply picked up where I had left off.   As our prayer time went on, the group laid hands on me, anointed my head, lips, ears and hands with oil and helped me recommit myself to the battle for this city.

As we entered into Friday, I had a new outlook and a fresh wind in my sails.  Before the day was over, God had answered Carol’s prayer for the provision of school supplies.  A friend had called burdened that she and her husband were to provide our children’s school supplies.   Carol had not even mentioned the need to them.

Over the last few weeks, several who have been praying for me from all of the world, had been speaking a word to me that dealt with trust and not abandoning my call.  Carol also began sharing with me, that the Lord was leading her to pray for the shutting of all of the potential doors of employment.  In light of our current financial situation, it seemed suicidal to pray that way, but I was wrestling with the same question.   Sunday, the Lord gave me the clarity I had been asking for…in the form of loving correction.   The Lord rebuked Carol and I through my primary prayer  intercessor.  The issue came down to trust, I had given up on trusting God and have been trying to make my own way through this job search.  The Lord reminded me that He conquered death and hell, raised Lazarus from the dead and multiplied loaves and fishes; yet, our actions were denying that very power in our own life and circumstance.

Carol reminded me that Paul’s tentmaking went with him everywhere he went.   She pointed out that all of the businesses the Lord has entrusted me with go around the world with me.  I have done work from Asia and Africa when I have been before.  She also acknowledged that we had tried to make these businesses work in our own wisdom and it simply had not worked.   We both realized that we needed to repent…for grieving God and walking in our own understanding.   We repented together and asked the Lord to shut the doors He never intended for us to open.

We realize that God has to be our all.  He can’t be our #1 priority, the top of our list or any other position…He must be everything.   We have to rely on Him for everything.  He reminded me of something I’ve often said from the pulpit:  “How can you trust God with your eternal salvation, if you can’t trust Him with the smallest details of everyday life?”  How true this is…how can I teach the stories of Abraham, Noah, Moses, Elijah, David, Peter & Paul while not trusting in the same God who was there every step of the way for them, to be there every step of the way for me?

The icing on the cake for the weekend came last night.  As we were coming home from the baseball game, we were discussing our prayer time on Thursday evening.  Carol and I got to discussing the praying in tongues that our guest was doing.   Collin, interrupted and asked when she was praying in tongues, because he only heard her speaking English the whole time.   I quizzed him about some specific times that she was praying and he again indicated he had heard the whole thing in English.   Carol and I both find ourselves amazed at what God has been doing in him already at such an early age.

Shut down in two languages

Last night’s prayer time was just the coolest thing I’ve seen since we launched Simplicity on South Staples.   I forgot to get my keys from Carol before I left (it was her turn to watch the kiddos) and Mike didn’t have his with him either.   So Mike, Kim, Patsy and I sat out on the sidewalk in front of the building and had our Tuesday night prayer time.

While we were prayer we watched a man, woman and young girl walk by on the other side of the street.   The woman glanced over, but they kept walking.   A little while later this same group came back by, none of them looking our way.   All of the sudden the woman turned back towards us and began crossing the street.   As she started towards us the man began to berate her that she didn’t need to….and then he could not finish his sentence.   So he tried again, this time in Spanish and wouldn’t you know it…he couldn’t finish his sentence.   This woman, never even looked back at him, she just kept coming across.   She asked if she had missed the prayer time and we told her no.  She asked if she could go in and we told her we were locked out, but to feel free to join us.  I asked how we could pray for her and she said that she just wanted to sit and pray.   Over the next 15 minutes she sat and wept and prayed.   When she was done, I asked if I could pray for her.  The Lord prompted me to pray for peace in her life.   As she left, we thanked God for silencing the enemies voice in her life and asked to see more of that in the days to come.

Over the past few weeks, we have seen a local bar close down and a tarot card reader move out of the neighborhood; however, last night I finally connected why the spiritual battle seems so intense where we are.   Across the street from the church is a large structure that looks like a house with the letters “HD” on the building.   Last night, I realized that this was a bar that another pastor had told me about a year ago or so.  This bar is not just any bar, but one of the central meeting places for men looking for other men in the area.

On the job and income front, I have a 3rd interview with a local company next week, but God has been directing Carol and I to pray over our businesses as “loaves and fishes” in Jesus hand.  He has firmly focused us on the meager resources that were used to feed multitudes of 4000 and 5000

Testimonies, tempering and trust

I want to start this round of rambling and mental sponge squeezing with the following set of emails from Africa.  These emails came in over the past 3 days from Bishop Cleophas Makona, Rev. Sabila Adams (who leads the East Africa ministries for Simplicity) and John Juma (my driver in Uganda).  These emails give a brief glimpse in the rear view mirror and also point to the destination for my work, they are filled with prayers, promises, passion and prompting:

Our beloved  friend  willis,

In II Corinthians 11:23-29, Paul the apostle demonstrated his  commitment to Jesus  Christ by  listing   a  number  of the hardships he have suffered . If  nothing else, such  ongoing  mistreatment  and deprivation revealed   Paul’s  perseverance. Let us  seek to imitate Paul  and  his faithful  commitment to Christ.

Jesus   Christ  in (John 7:2-9) experienced  ridicule and rejection from his family . His brothers did not  understand   what God  was doing in or through him.  Therefore  Jesus  obeyed  the will of his father in heaven  instead  of bowing to the pressure  of those in his  family. Like  Jesus, we need  to make sure  that we are following God’s  plan for our lives rather than following  the dictates of people who do not  know that God  has planned  for us. We must know  God’s  word and have a close  relationship with God, nurtured by prayer and Bible study. Staying lose to God and remaining  focused on his purpose for our lives will help us make good decisions and preserve our spiritual growth.

The enemy  knows what you are doing for God, so stay  focused on your calling , Jesus will never forsake you. Even at times your really own can not understand what calling  you  have.

God knows  it, persevere dear, remember Shadrack, Meshack and Abednego  and finally Daniel. They risked their lives in obedience to God’s will to them to die was better than to live with the quilt and shame of disobeying  God. Like these three friends, we must  determine   to stand up against  those who tempt us to turn  from God’s  will. To them to die was  better than to live with the quilt  and shame of disobeying  God.  Like  these three friends , we must determine  to stand up against  those who tempt us to turn  from  God’s plan. We must follow God – no matter what  cost.

In (Daniel  3:1-30) , we  face situations in which we are tempted to do things that are wrong . Sometimes there are consequences for not going along with the  crowd. This fact is clearly illustrated in the story of the fiery finance. The  penalty for not following   the crowd  was death – a horrible death of being burned alive. When we stand for what is right  and refuse to  yield to peer pressure , we may suffer persecution, but  we must  stand firm in our faith. God will  reward those who remain  faithful to Him.

The enemy is after you,  many  in east Africa are being saved and rejoining  the kingdom of  God,AS YOU SAID THE WISE WINS SOULS. Many unreached souls have been reached and the neglected and unloved in the community have hope now through  your regular support you are sowing  to this mission . God is about opening bigger doors of provision through you for His work in Africa, just wait upon His timing and be sensitive in hearing His small voice and obeying every direction He leads  you, He has a PURPOSE AND PLAN  for your life on earth.

This can be one of the church’s   finest  hours in  all history if we respond correctly. The Bible tells us that “ all things  work together for good to them that love God  (Romans 8:28)”

That includes uncertain times like these. Christians simply must not miss this opportunity to tell those  who are looking for answers that JESUS IS THE ANSWER.

In fact, if we falter, I believe God will hold us responsible.

This is divine moment. Today , we can reach multitudes that we could only  dream about a few years ago.As a mission we are intensifying our efforts to reach as many souls  for the Lord as possible. I have asked our staff to pray more than they have ever prayed before,  and I am asking  you to join us and do the same. Through you, I’am asking you to sow the best seed you can to help us reach these multitudes who are looking for the Lord. You are the  backbone  of this mission and millions of lives are depending on your continued obedience during  these great days of opportunity.

Every gift you sow into this mission is used carefully has stewards of God and wisely to help reach a growing multitude of souls  all over the globe. Thank you for making a difference.

This are August prayer requests:-

i) Pray  that God will provide for this two meetings to hire PA system and transport . August 13th to 17th ,09 – Kisumu and August 19th to 23rd ,09 – Kuria on the border of Kenya and Tanzania.

ii) Pray for the feeding programme for orphans  and widows that  God will provide  , for us to buy beans.Psalms 145;1-21,146:5-9. Thank you for now till next , God bless you dear servant of the most  high God.

You are loved and appreciated.

All the Best.

Brother Cleophas

Dear Rev Carl and Simplicity Church

Greetings in the name of our lord Jesus Christ. It is a beautiful bright day here in Africa and the lord has wakened us up again well.

We bless the lord for what He is doing and what is a bout to do. We had a wonderful church service yesterday at our church in Kitale and the lord did move in a mighty way. The lord led me to share a bout healing the wounded spirit; I was so moved when I saw people moving a head to the altar in tears seeking God to heal their hurts. I saw this woman rolling down in tears and her mouth moving up and down but she could not speak out. When she spoke she said loudly I forgive you JOHN for hurting me and breaking my heart!

I called her latter to see me before she goes to her home. In our face to face talk she told me that she had been separated with her husband for four years a go and she left with two Sons which she is taking care. She had loved her husband so much and when the incident happened she could not believe. She was also rejected by her relatives and she decided to move to town to work as a maid.

She told me that as I was ministering it was like I knew everything which she had gone through in life. She said a heavy load was lifted out from her chest and she felt free and light than never before.

I saw such a radiance of Gods Glory in her face as she shouted a gain Hallelujah to God and saying I have forgiven you JOHN my husband, I don’t hold you any more in my heart. I let go of the past hurts and receive Gods healing Oil on my wounds.

Rev Carl, I thank God for allowing us to touch lives here. My prayer has been to God to do things that are beyond humanity and beyond Imaginations of men so that men may see it and says this is the lord!

Pray for me, I am on fire than never before, I have a heart to disciple nations and share my live testimony to the nations of the world. I believe God to pave and provide ways for me to contact leadership conferences, seminars and crusades for God and Simplicity starting next year 2010 across East and central Africa. I have already set up plans and many pastors are waiting for my first move to step out in the name of the lord. We want to plan churches as the lord leads ALL FOR HIS GLORY.

I feel the wave of Gods revival in my heart. Last night I was before the lord seeking His face over the work he has placed under my care and the Simplicity Church Network.

In my personal devotions in the book of Mathew and the feeding of the four and five thousands (chapter 14&15), I heard Holy Spirit say this to me: “Place a supernatural demand on Jesus”

We all know the story of Jesus feeding the thousands in Mathew 14:13-21 and Mathew 15:32-39.

This seems to be God’s perfect timing to send His word out, to all who are moving forth in kingdom advancement in these days and our team at Simplicity. The need is plentiful and our God has storehouses to fund His work through His people, through supernatural means, etc. in other words, He is the God who meets all our needs that we need to prosper and do the work of the kingdom. So all we need to do is to listen to our Lord and obediently follow in faith. When He leads us out, as He did to the thousands who came to hear His voice, He will not fail to supply our needs. When evening came, the disciples and Jesus came to a deserted place, without adequate supply to meet the natural demand for food. The disciples answers was to look at the natural supply and simply acknowledge that the need was too great and the people should simply be sent away to go into the villages to buy the necessary food. But our answer is found in Christ Jesus so when He talks, we  immediately listen and obey. Jesus is quick to say in Mathew 14; 16: “They do not go away. You give them something to eat”. Again in Mathew 15, Jesus commands the multitudes to sit down on the ground, and proceeded to seek heaven to multiply a natural supply with a supernatural demand of faith and obedience by the one in need. There was a divine connection of multiplication when earth aligned with heaven’s supply through faith and obedience. For many this will be a test of faith, for we are looking at a natural lack and can’t see beyond it to see that God will take what is lacking in the natural and multiply it with a supernatural anointing from heaven. How else did they receive all that needed to eat? Mathew 15:37 says: “So they all ate and were filled and they took up seven large baskets full of the fragments that were left.” Mathew 14:20 says:

“So they all ate and were filled, and they took up twelve baskets full of the fragments that remained”.

I heard the lord peak to me loudly, Adams my Son! Heaven is ready to supply through supernatural means adequately and to satisfy your natural need. Now please understand my son, when I say ‘demand’ that surely implies that the desire has been initiated in my heart to supply what I desire to activate here on earth.

Thank you father I have heard you.

Stepping out in extraordinary ways in advancing my kingdom requires faith to see me work miracles to supply all that I am requiring all of you to do in these kingdom days. As you follow me obediently, expect heaven to back up what I have initiated in the heavenly realm for you. My son, fear not I love you so much that is why I chose you from your tribe (Sebei Tribe) to serve me. Before you were born, you were in my mind. Trust me Son, I will not fail you.

Thank you dad! I am ready to obey you are hear your voice. Amen

Simplicity, Let us wait on God, He is faithful He will perfect what He has began in us.

God bless you all.

Your humble servant and Son

Apostle Adams Sabila


Simplicity Church Network

Dear Rev,

Greetings once more.

I am glad to inform you that the lord has expanded our ministry greatly.We have planted three churches in My Elgon last three weeks.

I wanted to confirm first before letting you know a bout this move.I recieved a call from Pastor Charles from Elgon who informed me that they successful planted three churches in three weeks.

Every church has 50 church members and a bove.

I have been invitated to go on 15th August 2009.Please pray for the provissions of this trip.

I also wanted to ask you if there is a way we can get funds to help us here in Africa,God is opening great doors and weed funds.Like if I can get proposal asking grands in your nation.Can it be possible.if have friends or ministries that can help.

We need to meet the need of our colleges both in kenya and Uganda.

God bless,

Hope to hear from you soon.

Apostel adams

Pastor Carl,

I am so happy again for this open hearted email you have sent.It makes me encouraged and strong and strong in faith,it has encouraged me to be sure that once our plans and imaginations have been committed to God through prayer,He is faithful to grant us the desires of our heart.

I want you to know that your last email really pushed me to seek the lord,because of you and the Simplicity ministry,I joined our church intercessors to fast and pray and we have heard the lord confirming to us that the plans and vision He has for you concerning many Nations Africa being one of them,he will protect and provide for you.Place be sure that you have dear once in Kenya Kitale.

The anointing service you held in Uganda,renewed my spiritual life,our church is now over three hundred members and we give all the glory back to God.

Yours faithfully in Christ,


If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time, you know I have been wrestling with the challenges of what seems prudent and what is beyond the wisdom of man.   God has been using emails like these to continue to relay a message of “trust Me” that has been spoken into my life for sometime now.   I take great comfort in emails like these, because they remind me that my work is not in vain.   They also give me hope for my work going forward.   The waiting and trusting in my case are in the realms of finances.   Many who could choose to walk beside me in a financial sense, simply have not felt God’s prompting to do so.  Carol and I become more and more convinced each day that the Lord’s direction for me is not to spend my time and energies in corporate America as I have been seeking, but that shortly we will see the Divine enter into the dimension of mortality, creating unseen pathways of provision.   I truly believe the Lord has already put the ingredients in hand (5 loaves and 2 fish), it is now the time when Jesus does His work and multiplies that which is already present.

The second point of expectation is here in Corpus Christi, Texas and the nation.   I have been to India and Africa and seen the types of things these men describe in their emails.  I believe in the not to distant future we will see God moving in the hearts of people here in a similar way.  A prime example occurred yesteray during our worship time.  I was teaching and a watched a man walking by outside.  He continued to gaze at the building, smiled, looked up at the sign and passed by.   Within a few moments, he had turned around, made the sign of the cross and entered the door.   His name is Charlie, he wanted us to pray for his mother Sue, she had nearly died yesterday morning.   As we prayed, Kim and I placed our hands on Charlie, he had already gone to his knees.   In the name of Jesus we prayed for his mom, his pain and his trust.   Just as quickly as he entered, he left, smiling and saying “God bless you” as he exited.

Trust is an interesting concept.   The Lord has been showing me lately that He is faithful, but not according to our time table.  This week, He placed two passages of Scripture before me, to remind me of what He is doing in my life:

Habakkuk 2:2-3 (NASB)
2 Then the LORD answered me and said, “Record the vision And inscribe it on tablets, That the one who reads it may run.
3 “For the vision is yet for the appointed time; It hastens toward the goal, and it will not fail. Though it tarries, wait for it; For it will certainly come, it will not delay.

Psalm 145:15 (NASB)
15 The eyes of all look to Thee, And Thou dost give them their food in due time.