November Recap

It has been several weeks since I have updated the blog. It seems as though life has been extremely hectic since returning from India. I guess we could best call this post a November recap.

Early this month a man entered our lives who was different from some of the others we had encountered on the streets. Although his story was similar and his circumstances were not uncommon, his level of confidence and his seeming determination set him apart. For 2 weeks we worked with him to find a solution for housing and employment. This man was so magnetic, that we were even meeting others, whom he was meeting in the shelters and out on the street.

Unfortunately, his desire to change was not as strong as his desire to take the easy road. We were all devastated as his choices became apparent. God also showed me just how much further I need to come as well. When it comes to personality and temperament, I am high justice and low mercy. When the deceit of this man came to light, I did not allow my justice to be tempered with mercy…reflecting back, I realize that my reactions to his actions left few open doors to continue to influence his life. These lessons are painful.

During the month we have been joined by some new faces, who are stirred by our passion and philosophy of ministry. This has always been one of the directives that the Lord has given us…showing others how to cut out the distractions of “church life” and return to a strong focus on Jesus. Through these interactions, the Lord is raising up co-laborers, who I believe will journey beside us for some time to come.

We have also be visited by a great number of people from the street, past contacts and other acquaintances. God is obviously doing something special in us and through us. It will be exciting to see what the end product ends up looking like.

This has also been our most difficult month since starting Simplicity. Carol and I did not have the money to pay our rent this month, and were very blessed when one of our new co-laborers stepped in and met this need for us. For the first time in our lives we were also unable to pay either car payment, the home in PA went into foreclosure and we currently owe the IRS about $400. God has taken us to a place of complete lack and brokenness….a place that when we read stories like Job, we hope He never does to us. I don’t regret the journey, for I see how much God has been molding and shaping us, but it has taken an emotional and physical toll on both of us. The Lord continues to assure us that this time of intense testing is almost done. This has been echoed by several close to us who intercede regularly for our family and ministry.

The Lord continues to guide me in my business building efforts. I would liken this to farming. I am doing an awful lot of plowing and sowing….in God’s perfect timing these efforts will become all that they are meant to be. It will be very obvious that God’s hand was behind all that has transpired. My role has simply been to “cast my bread upon the water.”

Setting off explosions

Over the last few months, the Lord has been speaking to us about the importance of praise in bringing down the spiritual walls of the Simplicity – Corpus Christi neighborhood.  So when the opportunity to host The Burn 24/7 was extended, it was a “no-brainer.”

This past weekend, people from a variety of denominational backgrounds came together at 805 S. Staples and for 24 hours, they worshiped, prayed, danced, painted, played and glorified God.   During this time, we had several people come in off of the streets and were able to minister to them.  It was truly a nuclear event in the spiritual environment of this neighborhood.   One of my intercessors said it best:  “Foundations were shaken.”  This weekend was also strategic, because it was exactly 1 year ago that my church voted to release the staff and ministry, so they could afford to keep the church property.  It was that set of events that led to the implementation of the Simplicity vision that God had been birthing in me for a number of months.

Sunday was in my mind, the best worship experience we’ve had at Simplicity since we began in November of last year.  We shared how God had touched our lives throughout the week and during that time I began to look at the banner that had been given to us by one of the worshipers over the weekend.  The Lord prompted me to hand the banner to Brooke and I gave her permission to move throughout the room with that banner to praise Jesus to the best of her 3 year old ability.   The Lord then took me to a song that I had not sang since I was a child…His Banner Over Me is Love.   We sang that song and then the Lord began to write the verses.  Before our time together was done, the Lord had given us 6 or 7 new verses to this song that we sang with great joy.   Our service ended up lasting nearly 2 1/2 hours and yet no one seemed to notice or care.

Yesterday, Mike and I attended a pastor’s prayer retreat in Banquete.  This retreat has become a highlight of my year each year and this year was no different.   The morning speaker came out of the worship time with a word for nearly each one of us.  To Mike and I, he said this:  “Sit in the saddle.”  “All that you are going through is by God’s design, don’t rush the process.”   Throughout the day, God reminded me of the need to be a conduit, not just a cup.  The day ended with 2 intercessors praying over each of us.   The words spoken over me included:  “Courage; a willingness to go where no one else will; the opening of multiple harvest fields unto me; the need for me to have wisdom to manage the resources that God is releasing into my hands; and a prayer of thanksgiving for the resources being released that are not only sufficient, but exceedingly abundant.”

I ended my day by speaking via phone with Pastor Santhosh about our upcoming ministry in Delhi and Kerala.  Pastor Santhosh has been unable to raise the $2,000 necessary to put on the conference he had intended in Delhi, so I had suggested that we invite a handful of leaders for a few days of private meetings.   Santhosh had been praying and fasting over that suggestion and is being led to invite 15 pastors to join us.   We talked about my lack of air travel and fiances, but I assured him that God was going to provide.   It is now 13 days until I leave and the airfare is beginning to creep up, so I know that we are not far from the provision, but this is an exercise in faith and trust.

If you would like to contribute to the India ministry effort, please visit the donation link

Testimonies, tempering and trust

I want to start this round of rambling and mental sponge squeezing with the following set of emails from Africa.  These emails came in over the past 3 days from Bishop Cleophas Makona, Rev. Sabila Adams (who leads the East Africa ministries for Simplicity) and John Juma (my driver in Uganda).  These emails give a brief glimpse in the rear view mirror and also point to the destination for my work, they are filled with prayers, promises, passion and prompting:

Our beloved  friend  willis,

In II Corinthians 11:23-29, Paul the apostle demonstrated his  commitment to Jesus  Christ by  listing   a  number  of the hardships he have suffered . If  nothing else, such  ongoing  mistreatment  and deprivation revealed   Paul’s  perseverance. Let us  seek to imitate Paul  and  his faithful  commitment to Christ.

Jesus   Christ  in (John 7:2-9) experienced  ridicule and rejection from his family . His brothers did not  understand   what God  was doing in or through him.  Therefore  Jesus  obeyed  the will of his father in heaven  instead  of bowing to the pressure  of those in his  family. Like  Jesus, we need  to make sure  that we are following God’s  plan for our lives rather than following  the dictates of people who do not  know that God  has planned  for us. We must know  God’s  word and have a close  relationship with God, nurtured by prayer and Bible study. Staying lose to God and remaining  focused on his purpose for our lives will help us make good decisions and preserve our spiritual growth.

The enemy  knows what you are doing for God, so stay  focused on your calling , Jesus will never forsake you. Even at times your really own can not understand what calling  you  have.

God knows  it, persevere dear, remember Shadrack, Meshack and Abednego  and finally Daniel. They risked their lives in obedience to God’s will to them to die was better than to live with the quilt and shame of disobeying  God. Like these three friends, we must  determine   to stand up against  those who tempt us to turn  from God’s  will. To them to die was  better than to live with the quilt  and shame of disobeying  God.  Like  these three friends , we must determine  to stand up against  those who tempt us to turn  from  God’s plan. We must follow God – no matter what  cost.

In (Daniel  3:1-30) , we  face situations in which we are tempted to do things that are wrong . Sometimes there are consequences for not going along with the  crowd. This fact is clearly illustrated in the story of the fiery finance. The  penalty for not following   the crowd  was death – a horrible death of being burned alive. When we stand for what is right  and refuse to  yield to peer pressure , we may suffer persecution, but  we must  stand firm in our faith. God will  reward those who remain  faithful to Him.

The enemy is after you,  many  in east Africa are being saved and rejoining  the kingdom of  God,AS YOU SAID THE WISE WINS SOULS. Many unreached souls have been reached and the neglected and unloved in the community have hope now through  your regular support you are sowing  to this mission . God is about opening bigger doors of provision through you for His work in Africa, just wait upon His timing and be sensitive in hearing His small voice and obeying every direction He leads  you, He has a PURPOSE AND PLAN  for your life on earth.

This can be one of the church’s   finest  hours in  all history if we respond correctly. The Bible tells us that “ all things  work together for good to them that love God  (Romans 8:28)”

That includes uncertain times like these. Christians simply must not miss this opportunity to tell those  who are looking for answers that JESUS IS THE ANSWER.

In fact, if we falter, I believe God will hold us responsible.

This is divine moment. Today , we can reach multitudes that we could only  dream about a few years ago.As a mission we are intensifying our efforts to reach as many souls  for the Lord as possible. I have asked our staff to pray more than they have ever prayed before,  and I am asking  you to join us and do the same. Through you, I’am asking you to sow the best seed you can to help us reach these multitudes who are looking for the Lord. You are the  backbone  of this mission and millions of lives are depending on your continued obedience during  these great days of opportunity.

Every gift you sow into this mission is used carefully has stewards of God and wisely to help reach a growing multitude of souls  all over the globe. Thank you for making a difference.

This are August prayer requests:-

i) Pray  that God will provide for this two meetings to hire PA system and transport . August 13th to 17th ,09 – Kisumu and August 19th to 23rd ,09 – Kuria on the border of Kenya and Tanzania.

ii) Pray for the feeding programme for orphans  and widows that  God will provide  , for us to buy beans.Psalms 145;1-21,146:5-9. Thank you for now till next , God bless you dear servant of the most  high God.

You are loved and appreciated.

All the Best.

Brother Cleophas

Dear Rev Carl and Simplicity Church

Greetings in the name of our lord Jesus Christ. It is a beautiful bright day here in Africa and the lord has wakened us up again well.

We bless the lord for what He is doing and what is a bout to do. We had a wonderful church service yesterday at our church in Kitale and the lord did move in a mighty way. The lord led me to share a bout healing the wounded spirit; I was so moved when I saw people moving a head to the altar in tears seeking God to heal their hurts. I saw this woman rolling down in tears and her mouth moving up and down but she could not speak out. When she spoke she said loudly I forgive you JOHN for hurting me and breaking my heart!

I called her latter to see me before she goes to her home. In our face to face talk she told me that she had been separated with her husband for four years a go and she left with two Sons which she is taking care. She had loved her husband so much and when the incident happened she could not believe. She was also rejected by her relatives and she decided to move to town to work as a maid.

She told me that as I was ministering it was like I knew everything which she had gone through in life. She said a heavy load was lifted out from her chest and she felt free and light than never before.

I saw such a radiance of Gods Glory in her face as she shouted a gain Hallelujah to God and saying I have forgiven you JOHN my husband, I don’t hold you any more in my heart. I let go of the past hurts and receive Gods healing Oil on my wounds.

Rev Carl, I thank God for allowing us to touch lives here. My prayer has been to God to do things that are beyond humanity and beyond Imaginations of men so that men may see it and says this is the lord!

Pray for me, I am on fire than never before, I have a heart to disciple nations and share my live testimony to the nations of the world. I believe God to pave and provide ways for me to contact leadership conferences, seminars and crusades for God and Simplicity starting next year 2010 across East and central Africa. I have already set up plans and many pastors are waiting for my first move to step out in the name of the lord. We want to plan churches as the lord leads ALL FOR HIS GLORY.

I feel the wave of Gods revival in my heart. Last night I was before the lord seeking His face over the work he has placed under my care and the Simplicity Church Network.

In my personal devotions in the book of Mathew and the feeding of the four and five thousands (chapter 14&15), I heard Holy Spirit say this to me: “Place a supernatural demand on Jesus”

We all know the story of Jesus feeding the thousands in Mathew 14:13-21 and Mathew 15:32-39.

This seems to be God’s perfect timing to send His word out, to all who are moving forth in kingdom advancement in these days and our team at Simplicity. The need is plentiful and our God has storehouses to fund His work through His people, through supernatural means, etc. in other words, He is the God who meets all our needs that we need to prosper and do the work of the kingdom. So all we need to do is to listen to our Lord and obediently follow in faith. When He leads us out, as He did to the thousands who came to hear His voice, He will not fail to supply our needs. When evening came, the disciples and Jesus came to a deserted place, without adequate supply to meet the natural demand for food. The disciples answers was to look at the natural supply and simply acknowledge that the need was too great and the people should simply be sent away to go into the villages to buy the necessary food. But our answer is found in Christ Jesus so when He talks, we  immediately listen and obey. Jesus is quick to say in Mathew 14; 16: “They do not go away. You give them something to eat”. Again in Mathew 15, Jesus commands the multitudes to sit down on the ground, and proceeded to seek heaven to multiply a natural supply with a supernatural demand of faith and obedience by the one in need. There was a divine connection of multiplication when earth aligned with heaven’s supply through faith and obedience. For many this will be a test of faith, for we are looking at a natural lack and can’t see beyond it to see that God will take what is lacking in the natural and multiply it with a supernatural anointing from heaven. How else did they receive all that needed to eat? Mathew 15:37 says: “So they all ate and were filled and they took up seven large baskets full of the fragments that were left.” Mathew 14:20 says:

“So they all ate and were filled, and they took up twelve baskets full of the fragments that remained”.

I heard the lord peak to me loudly, Adams my Son! Heaven is ready to supply through supernatural means adequately and to satisfy your natural need. Now please understand my son, when I say ‘demand’ that surely implies that the desire has been initiated in my heart to supply what I desire to activate here on earth.

Thank you father I have heard you.

Stepping out in extraordinary ways in advancing my kingdom requires faith to see me work miracles to supply all that I am requiring all of you to do in these kingdom days. As you follow me obediently, expect heaven to back up what I have initiated in the heavenly realm for you. My son, fear not I love you so much that is why I chose you from your tribe (Sebei Tribe) to serve me. Before you were born, you were in my mind. Trust me Son, I will not fail you.

Thank you dad! I am ready to obey you are hear your voice. Amen

Simplicity, Let us wait on God, He is faithful He will perfect what He has began in us.

God bless you all.

Your humble servant and Son

Apostle Adams Sabila


Simplicity Church Network

Dear Rev,

Greetings once more.

I am glad to inform you that the lord has expanded our ministry greatly.We have planted three churches in My Elgon last three weeks.

I wanted to confirm first before letting you know a bout this move.I recieved a call from Pastor Charles from Elgon who informed me that they successful planted three churches in three weeks.

Every church has 50 church members and a bove.

I have been invitated to go on 15th August 2009.Please pray for the provissions of this trip.

I also wanted to ask you if there is a way we can get funds to help us here in Africa,God is opening great doors and weed funds.Like if I can get proposal asking grands in your nation.Can it be possible.if have friends or ministries that can help.

We need to meet the need of our colleges both in kenya and Uganda.

God bless,

Hope to hear from you soon.

Apostel adams

Pastor Carl,

I am so happy again for this open hearted email you have sent.It makes me encouraged and strong and strong in faith,it has encouraged me to be sure that once our plans and imaginations have been committed to God through prayer,He is faithful to grant us the desires of our heart.

I want you to know that your last email really pushed me to seek the lord,because of you and the Simplicity ministry,I joined our church intercessors to fast and pray and we have heard the lord confirming to us that the plans and vision He has for you concerning many Nations Africa being one of them,he will protect and provide for you.Place be sure that you have dear once in Kenya Kitale.

The anointing service you held in Uganda,renewed my spiritual life,our church is now over three hundred members and we give all the glory back to God.

Yours faithfully in Christ,


If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time, you know I have been wrestling with the challenges of what seems prudent and what is beyond the wisdom of man.   God has been using emails like these to continue to relay a message of “trust Me” that has been spoken into my life for sometime now.   I take great comfort in emails like these, because they remind me that my work is not in vain.   They also give me hope for my work going forward.   The waiting and trusting in my case are in the realms of finances.   Many who could choose to walk beside me in a financial sense, simply have not felt God’s prompting to do so.  Carol and I become more and more convinced each day that the Lord’s direction for me is not to spend my time and energies in corporate America as I have been seeking, but that shortly we will see the Divine enter into the dimension of mortality, creating unseen pathways of provision.   I truly believe the Lord has already put the ingredients in hand (5 loaves and 2 fish), it is now the time when Jesus does His work and multiplies that which is already present.

The second point of expectation is here in Corpus Christi, Texas and the nation.   I have been to India and Africa and seen the types of things these men describe in their emails.  I believe in the not to distant future we will see God moving in the hearts of people here in a similar way.  A prime example occurred yesteray during our worship time.  I was teaching and a watched a man walking by outside.  He continued to gaze at the building, smiled, looked up at the sign and passed by.   Within a few moments, he had turned around, made the sign of the cross and entered the door.   His name is Charlie, he wanted us to pray for his mother Sue, she had nearly died yesterday morning.   As we prayed, Kim and I placed our hands on Charlie, he had already gone to his knees.   In the name of Jesus we prayed for his mom, his pain and his trust.   Just as quickly as he entered, he left, smiling and saying “God bless you” as he exited.

Trust is an interesting concept.   The Lord has been showing me lately that He is faithful, but not according to our time table.  This week, He placed two passages of Scripture before me, to remind me of what He is doing in my life:

Habakkuk 2:2-3 (NASB)
2 Then the LORD answered me and said, “Record the vision And inscribe it on tablets, That the one who reads it may run.
3 “For the vision is yet for the appointed time; It hastens toward the goal, and it will not fail. Though it tarries, wait for it; For it will certainly come, it will not delay.

Psalm 145:15 (NASB)
15 The eyes of all look to Thee, And Thou dost give them their food in due time.

Exciting Times

These are certainly exciting times for me.  Tomorrow we will have our first baptism service since launching Simplicity.  I will have the privilege of baptizing 3 who have put their faith in Christ.  We will be conducting the baptisms at Emerald Beach along the Corpus Christi bayfront.

This week, I finally got my dealership materials to begin the primary businesses of Simplicity Solutions.  Simplicity Solutions is the for profit enterprise that will be used to support my family, fund the work of Simplicity Church Network, help church planters develop businesses to support their families and create businesses for those trying to get on their feet.

After much searching I narrowed down my MLM ventures to four companies that offer a wide range of product:

  • Amsoil – Synthetic oils and lubricants for automotive and industrial applications
  • Aggrand – Organic fertilizers and supplements for agriculture (part of the Amsoil family)
  • Amway Global – They’ve moved beyond soap and granola bars and now partner with mainline stores such as Office Depot, Barnes & Noble, etc…
  • Commission River – Primarily focused on telecom and internet technologies, can be operated e-commerce or traditionally marketed.
  • Fuller Brush Company – Based in Great Bend, KS (where I began my investment firm in 2001).  Fuller Brush manufactures commercial/household care and cleaning supplies.

In addition, we are running a number of e-commerce sites through both Commission River and Amazon.   These include:

  • The Fone Store – Cell phones, upgrades and service through all of the major carriers
  • International SIM Cards – Allows you to use your cell phone overseas(144 countries) with high competitive per minute rates
  • Cardparison – Compare current rates, features and offers from multiple credit card issuers
  • Anglerz Supply – Fishing tackle and supplies
  • Luv My Hog – All things Harley Davidson
  • HealthMartXpress – An online health and wellness shop, along the lines of the corner drug store

The latter three e-commerce sites are affiliate stores of  Sales made through these stores generate a commission for the sale.  Additionally, any product offered on can be purchased through these sites and also generates commission.

Those who are interested in supporting our ministry in an ongoing manner can simply become customers of the products and services we sell.  Carol and I began this business enterprise by seeking the Lord’s guidance for the portion that was immediately His.  We be giving the first 30% of revenue from Simplicity Solutions to the Lord for the furtherance of His work.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like more information on the business model, product catalogs or to place orders.

Simplicity Solutions

I am developing a for profit business model called Simplicity Solutions that will be used to help fund the church planting, benevolence and other ministries of Simplicity.

Simplicity Solutions is a conglomeration of MLM and Affiliate commerce ventures that will be used to provide an income for new church planters, people getting back on their feet and the lead pastors for the Simplicity network.

Simplicity Solutions…Life Shouldn’t be Complicated

Mission: A for profit corporation that is in business to create financial funding for the furtherance of the Great Commission through Simplicity Church Network and its affiliated ministries.

· Purpose

o Bring Christ into the Marketplace

o Use commerce to fund the work of the Kingdom

o Give the servants of God a means to support themselves

o Give the lowly a tool to improve themselves

· The Model

o A business of businesses

§ Utilizing ecommerce and MLM strategies

· Creates ownership

o Profits used to for:

§ Financial provision for Simplicity Church Network pastors and their church planting efforts

§ Seed money for church plants

§ Ministry projects

§ Reinvestment for further profits

o Creates a tent-making role for church planters

§ Constant contact with the unchurched

o Creates a place of work for those needing a fresh start

· Goals

o A complete support solution for church planters

o Support for Kingdom work worldwide

o Providing employment opportunities for those getting back on their feet

You can join in on the action as well as we will be looking for affiliates for our the different businesses and people to market product. This is also an opportunity for you to make some additional income as well.  The primary thrust of these businesses is marketing, although some of these offer a traditional sales model.

Here are the first few pieces of Simplicity Solutions:


Advantage Nutritionals



Reverse Phone Detective


Cash Making Powersites

Unlimited Game Download Website

Homemade Energy

Keeping worry in check

Today I found myself experiencing a bit of a slump.

The practical side of me hears the ticking of the income time clock as the days, hours and minutes go by. I will receive my final paycheck from my current pastorate in 9 days. We are beginning to see some donations come in, but I don’t have enough pledged each month to even make my house payment at this point. So my “worry wart” decided to break through for a while today.

The Lord reminded me that this is a journey of faith. There will be days when I don’t even know where the next meal may come from…this is the less comfortable side of faith. We love to tell children about manna in the wilderness and the provision of food from the mouth of a raven, but living it ourselves…well that’s another story.

Days like today the fleshly part of me says, “just plant a standard church with staff and programs; then you can utilize the church’s giving for your salary.” Then deep within my spirit, I hear the voice of truth…you are starting this ministry, because there are others who will depend upon your ability to be a conduit of blessing.

Tonight I was reminded of this truth. I received this in an email from one of my partner pastors in India:

I am so glad to inform you that those aid boxes that we sent to the persecuted Christians in Orissa have been realeased yesterday. We are thankful to you for your valuable prayers offered for this matter. God is great.
Now we have to pray for the financial needs for making/repairing few houses for Christians in Orissa and also in flood hit Bihar. It will cost Rs.12000/-(USD 300) minimum for making a house with Bamboo and grass.

$300 to rebuild the house of Christian who has been devastated by those who seek to destroy the name of Christ. This evening I also spoke by phone with Sam, one of my newest partners in India. Sam was overwhelmed with joy at my call, proclaiming: “You are the first foreigner who has spoken to me or even cared about my work.” Sam is using song and dance to bring Jesus into remote places.

These two interactions remind me of why I am walking by faith. For the money a church would have to pay me at my current salary level, I could build 20 houses for people who have no home. I could feed widows, orphans and the lame in a remote village in India. I could help a man tell the story of Christ in places I will never see.

I don’t know how God will provide, but I know the cause is worth the price. I keep it simple…that Christ may be known to every nation, tribe and tongue in my generation.