The Field is In Motion

When people ask me what is going on in the ministry of Simplicity these days, I often explain it like this:  The field is in motion, the guards are pulling, but the hole hasn’t opened up for me to run through just yet.

A few weeks ago I finished the series I had been doing on the book of Romans since earlier this year.  As I was bringing that series to a close it was very evident that it was time for Mike to take over the teaching ministry at 805 S. Staples.  For some time the Lord has been raising Mike up to be the pastor of that ministry location.  Even though people have my business card, they call upon Mike…he has truly become their pastor.

At the same time, Carol and I were supposed to be in Kenya in the early part of January to lead a series of pastors conferences.  This trip had been planned during my last visit to Kenya in May.  As we continued to draw closer to January something in my spirit was unsettled.  Carol and I began to pray for clear direction.  About 2 weeks ago she and I had been praying at the church and were leaving to go home.  As I was locking the door I heard very clearly in my spirit that Pastor Adams needed to lead those conferences.   In fact I became very aware that my time with him in May had been preparation for him to step in this role.   I asked the Lord to verify what I believed I was hearing through Carol.  A week later as we were praying once again, Carol looked up at me and said “we’re not supposed to go.  Adams is supposed to lead those conferences.”

So I find myself releasing two areas of my ministry to two very called and very capable men.  The Lord has begun preparing the soil for what I believe will be our next church plant on Padre Island.  We continue to find ourselves entering new and deepening relationships with a wide group of people in that area.   Additionally, the calls to return to India have increased and I believe I will be there once again in March or April.

So while the play has not fully developed, the ball is in my hand and I know that the time to run is not too far off.