So Easy…An 11 Year Old Can Do It

While I was away on business a few weeks ago, my 11 year old led the Organic Group that meets on Tuesday nights.  Last night he asked me if he could lead the discussions again and I happily said yes.   It was so amazing to watch the Holy Spirit work through him.  He was asked a question early on in the discussion of Mark 8 that was very deep.   The answer that came out of him was even deeper, well beyond the wisdom of an 11 year old boy.  It was truly the voice of the Lord speaking through him, with depth and clarity.

This is just another incredible example of life in the body of Christ.  God can use any willing vessel to do His marvelous work among us.   Last night it just so happened it was my 11 year old son.

Tonight we will be launching a new Organic Group with the couple who have become key to our Thursday night Organic Group.  She just started a new job and Thursdays were not going to work for them, so we decided it was time to start another group.

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