Thank God for overseers

One of the most important things I did when starting Simplicity was enlisting three pastors I trust to be overseers of my ministry.  After God revealed who these men needed to be, I asked these men to watch me, my actions and my ministry for things that would harm the testimony of Christ or my work in His kingdom.    I have even given these three men permission to fire me from my own ministry if they ever deem it necessary, that is how much trust I place in these men.

Each month we gather together and I give them the ministry financial records, my personal finances and I discuss the joys, triumphs, defeats and struggles.   This month I found myself barraged by many doubts, worries and counsel from other sources that left a stain on my soul.   As I have shared these things with these men today and over the past few days, I found the Lord speaking words of life through them.   These men also helped me evaluate counsel and disgard that which was not of the Lord.  Clarity began emerging through the fog and the Lord helped me to see with a fresh set of eyes.

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to meet Daniel.   Daniel came into the church while I was doing some work on our door lettering.   Daniel was weathered and worn, having been on the streets for some time.   Daniel shared with me that he had not eaten for a few days, and that he was having trouble sleeping at nights, because the mosquitoes were biting him.

I took Daniel to Dollar General to buy him some food and insect repellent.   Daniel immediately headed to the cooler, grabbed a quart of milk and drank it as he walked through the store.  Needless to say the employees were not real thrilled with that and asked him if he was going to pay.  I told them I would take care of it and we continued shopping.  I purchased a can of Off, 5 cans of Vienna Sausages, another quart of milk and a soft drink for Daniel.   In the parking lot, he allowed me to pray for him and then he sat down on a bus stop to enjoy his meal.

The Lord has allowed us to get names of each person we have assisted.  We continue to pray for them, that His love would penetrate the darkness in their lives and break their bondage to the streets.

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