January 14, 2013 – Up to the Mountains

Students at Yakatoi Primary School in Marakwet, Kenya

Students at Yakatoi Primary School in Marakwet, Kenya

Today we split the team up.  Nathanael and Scott remained in Kitale to explore project options with John Juma and Apostle Adams.   I went with Benson (an elder in Adams’ church) to Marakwet, approximately 45 KM from Kitale.

On our way out of town, Benson and I picked up Pastor Kaptoi, the pastor of the African Inland Church in Marakwet.   We made our way into the mountains making our first stop at the Yakatoi Primary School.  As soon as the 600 students begin hearing that a “muzungu” was in the car, we were swarmed.   After the teachers got the students corralled, I spent a few moments with the faculty and principal.   They found it amazing that we could not discuss God or the Bible in our schools.  After praying with them I spoke for about 10 minutes with the students, prior to their dismissal at lunch.

From there we left with a 600 child entourage surrounding the car, and made our way to the home of Pastor Kaptoi’s mother for lunch.  Some of the adults eating lunch with me refused to wash their hands, because they didn’t want to wash after shaking a muzungus hand.  Lunch consisted of black posho made from millet, white posho made from corn, greens, chapatti and peas.  I was also given fresh milk and yogurt (sour milk).  Needless to say I only took one sip of the sour milk to be courteous.

After lunch, we made our way to the Church of Christ, where I led the leaders through 1 Kings 19 and talked about how to deal with discouragement in the ministry.   When I was finished we spent time praying together.  After the conference we looked at the new building that both the Church of Christ and AIC church were building.  We took pictures and then returned to Pastor Kaptoi’s mother’s house for tea.

As we left we gave a ride to one of the church leaders, who shared with us that she was getting ready to quit her ministry due to discouragement.  She said that my message was sent to renew her strength and that she had renewed her commitment to press forward.

Upon my return to Kitale we ate dinner and discussed Scott and Nathanael’s activities for the day and our schedule for tomorrow.

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