January 15, 2013 – Culture and Leadership At The Muzungu Cafe

Adams enjoys a frothy latte at the mazungu cafe

Adams enjoys a frothy latte at the mazungu cafe

We originally going to speak at the Kitale prison today, but the warden called Adams yesterday and demanded that since muzungus were coming we needed to buy soap and other gifts for the prisoners.  Needless to say we declined.   This was my third attempt to speak at the prison in the last 3 1/2 years, so it is becoming apparent that perhaps God does not want me speaking there.

Scott and Nathanael decided to use today to pray and develop a plan for their mission trip this summer.   I used the time to pick up some deodorant and toothpaste, plus I wanted to help John Juma find some leadership material.  We visited a couple of bookstores and I was able to find 2 of the books that I wanted to purchase for him.  John was very grateful.   Afterwards I took him, Pastor Joshua from Uganda and Adams to the muzungu cafe for some cultural exchange.  I ordered a mocha latte for each of them for starters.  From there we progressed to corn chips with guacamole and salsa.

During our time together we discussed at great length the importance of leadership within the church.  Adams and I also discussed that my future visits need to be more about private times with a group of 6-7 leaders for a period of 2-3 days at a time, instead of speaking to large conferences.  We also agreed that we would begin conferencing online with one another on a monthly basis to flesh out the principles that these leaders are learning and applying.

Tomorrow we will be speaking in a conference with Adams’ church.  Scott and Nathanael are already looking towards the U.S. as they will be departing on Thursday.

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