Out of Order

Tonight I had an awakening in my soul.  I have been wrestling with confusion about who I am supposed to be at this moment in time, knowing the greater call on my life, but trying to decipher it in light of my circumstances.   The Lord turned the lights on for me this evening while my wife and I were talking.

Several months ago the Lord began speaking to me about needing to have my foundation set.   I took that to mean my financial foundation, but I realize now that was only a small piece of that instruction.  My call in life is the planting of churches and raising up of church leaders, but I have neglected laying those foundations, because I have been consumed with trying to get a financial foundation built.

The Lord helped me see tonight that I had taken on the wrong role.  I am to walk alongside those who have been called to marketplace ministry, helping them to maximize the effectiveness of their businesses for the purposes of the Kingdom of God.   It is through these relationships and my “supporting role” that the Lord will support my ongoing work, which is not to run companies, but to plant churches and raise up church leaders.

Commerce is meant to be a tool of support for the ministers that I raise up, but not their primary focus.   The Lord has not delivered me from my circumstances, because my priorities were not squarely in line with His.   Additionally, the Lord has given me the release to shut down my financial advisory practice…a place of trust, a place of putting my focus in order.

Matthew 6:33

Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness…

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