Update from Kenya

The past few days Pastor Adams and I have remained in Kitale. We have used our time to talk about his ministry, the needs of some of the pastors we have been working with and to record some promotional videos. We have also been planning two pastor’s conferences for January of 2011. We will be conducting one of the conferences in Nairobi and the other conference will be hosted by Rev. Peter Ngaina here in Kitale.

This has been a good time for me to be refreshed and prepared for weekend. Tomorrow we will be overseeing the graduation of our certificate class in Kakamega. This extension of Redeemer Bible College is one of our newest. It is also our largest graduating class with a total of 38 approved to receive their certificate. This is a testament to God’s sustaining power, as this extension went through some hardships when an instructor was caught stealing money from the students. The Lord allowed this issue to be resolved in a manner that kept the college in tact.

Sunday I will be speaking in the church of John Juma. John was my driver in Uganda last year. He is a very humble man and displays a true servant’s heart. It is truly an honor for me to speak in his church. In the afternoon, we will be traveling to Eldoret, where I will meet once again with Pastor Margaret Maheri and newest class of Redeemer Bible College. This class is made up of influential professionals from the Eldoret area, and it shows great promise for bringing greater opportunity for Redeemer Bible College.

I will be spending the night in Eldoret on Sunday, so that I can catch a 10AM flight to Nairobi on Monday. I will then be flying back to the US at around 10PM Sunday night.

We have also had a great answer to prayer. The driver we have had most of the journey has been very unscrupulous, charging more money than agreed and making increased demands. This caused our in country travel budget to be spent early on. We have been having to seek God’s provision for every new leg of the journey. God has mad provisions through the hands of his children on two continents. Even greater though is our getting to know a seminary student who drivers a car here in Kitale. Adams and I both felt led to inquire if he could drive us our remaining trips. Not only could he drive us, but he has agreed to do it for half the price of the man who had been driving us up to this point.

A Weeding Out Process

Once again I find myself with a schedule change.   I had originally been scheduled to speak in two churches in the Mount Elgon region of Kenya on April 18th.  The delay caused by the Iceland volcano caused me to miss this speaking engagement.   We had determined that we would try to reschedule that engagement for today, but our travel expenses have been much higher than anticipated and the necessary funds were not there.

Pastor Adams and I met yesterday with the overseeing Bishop of these churches.   We explained our situation and I told him that a solution would need to be found if we were to come.  I asked him to give me until 10:30PM last night to give him a final answer as I wanted to give God time to work and provide.    The Bishop agreed to my request.  Adams and I felt that God would provide for us, but only to speak in one of the churches.   Adams shared this with the Bishop and he decided not to have me speak at all (this was at 5PM by the way).

I have seen on several occasions here in Kenya that the local pastors lose interest in having your work with them, when they learn that you will not be dropping a load of western money on them.   Adams said last night that the Lord is showing him that some who had come seeking to work along side of him really had impure motives.   It is sad that so many in the Kenyan church serve the god of money.   They are more concerned with obtaining money from the West than they are in furthering the good news of Jesus Christ.

Adams has shared many stories with me of the misdoings of pastors in this area.   There are many westerners doing mission and church work in this area, but they cannot even enjoy fellowship with the people of this region, because they are so often taken advantage of.    In my heart I believe that God is going to use men and women like Adams to remake the church in this region.   It is interesting that many of the local pastors are envious of all that Adams is doing, even though he lives by faith and has no outside support.   It has brought many of them under conviction.

I believe the Lord has me remaining in Kitale the next few days for a couple of reasons.  I believe that I am first of all supposed to pour my life into Adams.   He tells people that I have become a spiritual father to him.   I also believe God is using this time to help identify some other leaders who share Adams level of commitment to the work of the gospel.   In due time the reasons will become clear.

Some photos from Kenya & Uganda

Nairobi commute

Nairobi commute


on Mount Elgon

on Mount Elgon


Mount Elgon Pastors

Mount Elgon Pastors

Roads and Rainy Season

Roads and Rainy Season

Radio Sayare

Radio Sayare

Speaking with Pastor Adams at his Church in Kitale

Redeemer Kitale

Graduating class Redeemer Bible College – Kitale

Chesower, Uganda

Our housing in Chesower, Uganda

Bon Labu

Enjoying a snack with Pastor Bon Labu

Chesower PCM Church

Inside the conference at Chesower PCM Church

Teaching at Chesower PCM Church

Pastors at Chesower, Uganda

Pastors at Chesower, Uganda

2010 Bukwo graduates

2nd Update from Kenya and Uganda

On Wednesday we journeyed to Uganda.  My border crossing was uneventful, although my Washington, D.C. issued Ugandan visa gained a few extra glances.  Pastor Adams said the border official inquired as to whether I might have any money on me.

From the border we headed high into the mountains to the village of Chesower.   Chesower is a small agricultural village that was hit hard by a drought last year.  Upon arrival, I was met by Pastor Bon Labu and John Chebures.  I had met both of them last year through the graduation ceremonies of our Bible college.   Pastor Labu has been ministering in these mountains for over 30 years.   He is a strong man in both character and stature.  He walks up and down the mountains ministering throughout the region.    John Chebures was one of our graduating students from the first class of the Bible college last year.  We were blessed to be allowed to stay in a home that is currently under construction.   Even the owner had not stayed in the home yet.  The toilet facilities were a little more rustic.   The toilet is a series of planks layed across a deep pit with a hole in the planks.   A step of faith to say the least.

After a snack of small bananas and tea we hiked about half a kilometer up hill to the church.   The church is one of three in the village and has about 400 members.  The church is a mud structure with a metal roof that overlooks the surrounding farm land.   I spoke for about an hour in the afternoon on the topic of waiting upon God.  I also prayed for about 75 people.  Pastor Labu shared with me how timely this message had been for him, because he was contemplating leaving the ministry, because of discouragement.  We chose not to have any evening sessions, because it is the rainy season in Uganda.   During the evening I sat with Pastor Labu, John Cherubes and Pastor Adams.  We talked about our countries and cultures, enjoying a great conversation.  As we were coming to an end the heavy rains began.

On Thursday I slept in with the heavy rains still continuing.   About 10:30AM the rains subsided and we headed to the church around noon.   The news of my arrival had spread and on this day it was standing room only in the church.   While we were ministering a low hanging cloud enveloped the church and I was able to capture video of this cloud blowing into the church through the doors and windows.   I believe it was a sign of things to come in the afternoon.   I spoke on the issue of encouragement in both sessions.   In between the first and second session a woman spoke of her inability to conceive a child.   She had never shared her pain with the church.  We were able to pray for her as a group, and I look forward to seeing how that prayer is answered.   After the conference we shared a meal in the home of this woman.  Her home is a mud structure with a tin roof and has calendars from the past 10 years on the walls.   Each calendar celebrates a political or military leader, including US President Obama.

On Friday we enjoyed a beautiful morning and enjoyed our breakfast and banter on the front porch of the home in which we were staying.   The church was not only full, but people were seated on the ground outside of the church.   I spoke 2 messages of challenge to the church and prayed for well over 100 people.   I then met with the pastors for another session which was primarily a place for them to share their challenges and receive counsel.   The questions dealt with people who challenge leadership, church discipline, church finances and personal growth.    Friday evening was again another great time of conversation and laughter with the other leaders.

On early Saturday morning we were supposed to leave for Bukwo on the lower slopes of Mount Elgon.  We received a phone call that our driver had gotten very sick and would not be able to take us.   After several more phone calls another man with a vehicle was located.  When the man arrived he had a small Suzuki Samurai type vehicle.  Pastor Labu and I are both about 6’4” so everyone was laughing.  With creative seating the four of us and our luggage made it into the vehicle.   It had been raining, so the roads were pretty muddy and some of our drive was exciting to say the least.    We arrived in Bukwo at around 2PM and checked into a hotel that was just being completed when I was there last year.   The hotel had a western toilet which was wonderful to see and used a generator for lights in the evening.   The other great thing was that I finally had cell phone service again, so I was thrilled to call my wife and daughter for a few minutes.  I also received an email on my Blackberry from my youngest son who was on a trip with his school to Washington, DC.    The other pastors spent the afternoon and evening planning for the graduation ceremony on Sunday.   The graduation had originally been scheduled for Saturday, but the District was celebrating a festival and the building was being used, so we had to make an adjustment at the last moment.    I spent the evening reading several books I had brought with me.

The light switch in my room didn’t work so they had hard wired my light fixture to the generator.  When I was ready to go to bed I stood on a chair and removed my light bulb.   I also put ear plugs in my ears since the generator was right outside of my room.   A heavy rain came through shortly after I went to bed and I finally went to sleep.

Sunday morning I was invited to speak in the BOC church in Bukwo.   Pastor Adams had said many local pastors had come by asking if I could speak in their churches, but BOC was chosen since it would also host the Bible college graduation.    I was welcomed warmly and was escorted to the pulpit by two women who carried my Bible while they sang and danced.    They also escorted my interpreter to the pulpit in the same manner.  It was a great service and the people were wonderful.

Once the service had ended we prepared for the graduation ceremony.   Before the ceremony I met with a young man I had met a year earlier.   When I had last seen him, he was drunk and ran into the back of a church in Kapchesoy.  He had run over a mile and half from a still where he was cooking beer, after hearing God’s voice telling him to go to the church and surrender his life.    This young man’s face is now full of joy and his mother came and embraced me telling me of the change in her family and in this young man’s home over the past year.    A man in my church had given me a cross medallion that had been given to him some years ago when he turned his life around.   He had asked that I give it to someone in Africa and I knew that this young man was the one.

I also renewed friendship with a district official who had proclaimed in last year’s graduation ceremony that he would become a student.   It was wonderful to see him graduating from this first level of training.   I was able to renew my friendship with many other past students and local pastors.  It was truly a highlight of my journey.    In all we graduated approximately 20 students from this certificate program.   Many of them will continue on in a 2 year diploma program.

During the afternoon we learned that the man who was going to take me into the low lands (where the men walk around naked I might add) had become ill.   We made a decision to head back into Kenya.  At the border crossing the young Ugandan who had approved my entry asked me to pray with him before I left the country.    We arrived back in Kitale around 5PM with a house full of visitors waiting to share tea with me.    I shared tea and then the evening meal with several of the members from Pastor Adams church.   Once the guests had departed I spent about an hour IM with my wife over Skype.   The broadband cards here require you purchase bandwidth, so I could not video or voice conference with her, but I was thankful for the conversation.    I also found myself laughing as Mary, Pastor Adams wife, was upset with him, because she felt I had not received adequate meals and a proper toilet in Uganda.

Today and tomorrow we have nothing scheduled.   We decided to take today as a down day to just recharge our batteries.    Later this week we are scheduled to do a graduation in Kakamega, Kenya, meet with another church in the lower areas of Mount Elgon and meet with our Bible college students in Eldoret.

Once I can get hooked into a sufficient internet connection I hope to post some photographs and video.

First Update from Africa

I arrived in Nairobi on Thursday evening at around 7PM. After collecting my luggage we made our way to the home of Pastor Adams brother-in-law. There we shared a meal with another brother-in-law a sister-in-law and their families, plus some friends who had learned there would be a white man from America staying in the home. Fellowship is so important in the African culture. The eldest brother-in-law took the lead and led us through a time of greeting. Each person introduced themselves, their spouse and their children. We enjoyed a great meal and much laughter.

On Friday we spent all day traveling. We had hoped to reach Mount Elgon to participate in the final day of a conference in which I had been scheduled to be the keynote speaker. The disruption of flights had caused me to miss the first three days of the conference. Unfortunately heavy rains slowed our progress and made the roads up Mount Elgon impassible. Knowing that we would not make Mount Elgon, we stopped in Eldoret for lunch and I was introduced to Pastor Margaret Maheri. Pastor Maheri is the administrator of our newest Redeemer Bible College in Eldoret, and she also hosts a radio program that broadcasts on Saturday nights to an audience of over one million people.

We finally arrived in Kitale around 5 or 6PM. Jet lag had hit me hard so I went to bed and told my hosts that if they didn’t see me at dinner, I would be alert again in the morning. Needless to say I didn’t wake up until around 5AM on Saturday.   Pastor Adams wife was afraid that they had offended me with the accommodations, I explained jet lag and promised to be at dinner from here on out.

Saturday morning we made the trip to Mount Elgon, arriving shortly after the conference closing session. The pastors were gracious and re-assembled to hear from me. We had a great time of fellowship and the word the Lord gave me brought inspiration to many of them. Mount Elgon had been ravaged by a violent clan that had pillaged and killed many a few years ago. People are now beginning to return to the mountain and new church planting is happening at a furious pace.

On Saturday afternoon we traveled to Eldoret. We had been invited to share a meal with Pastor Maheri. When we got to her home, we found her visiting with a friend. Within a few minutes this friend begin to speak with me and the Lord began to touch her heart. She told me that she wanted to find God, or for God to find her. I learned that her father had been a pastor, but he had died at an early age. When her father died, her mother left the family and this woman had been forced to grow up all alone. As we spoke the Lord showed me that this woman was angry at Him for taking her father. When I said this to her she began to weep bitterly. We spent more time talking about God’s love for her and in the end I prayed over her. She left agreeing to spend time pouring out her heart to God. I believe I will hear from her in the near future and that she will have a great story of restoration and redemption.

From Pastor Margaret’s house we went to the radio station. I begin with a youth program that ran from 10PM to midnight. The host, Tobias, and I had a discussion on the challenges that young people are facing. The Lord led me to talk about the compromises in the areas of sexuality and faith that young people are being asked to make. I also talked about the church’s shortfall in speaking openly on these issues, because they are taboo and uncomfortable. After this show was over I hosted Prayer Marathon with Pastor Margaret. Prayer Marathon is a 5 hour call in show where people share their prayer requests and they are ministered to over the air. During our 5 hours we had nearly 100 requests come in. Since Saturday we have heard from many people who were blessed as they listened in.

On Sunday I spoke in Pastor Adams church operating on 2 hours of sleep. The church is just about a year old and already has a congregation of nearly 70 people. We were joined by Esther Wachira, the wife of the pastor who had hosted me in Kitale during my visit last year. Esther shared a recent conversation she had undertaken with a lady delivered from witchcraft. This woman talked to her about the active opposition that she and her fellow practitioners took against the church. These individuals would go into churches and seek to create division in all areas of the church through the use of demonic activity. The one thing this woman told Mrs. Wachira is that the people in the church do not pray and therefore they are easy targets. Pretty sobering word isn’t it. Next an 8 year old orphan that the Wachiras are raising shared a word from Matthew 5. This young man is very astute and he became my buddy the rest of the day. After the service, we held a graduation ceremony for the students of the Redeemer Bible College that operates in Pastor Adams church. During the afternoon, several pastors with whom I had developed a friendship last year came by to see me. It was a great time for renewing our acquaintance.

My greatest challenge so far has been finances. Our transportation has cost much more than it did last year, and we have less to work with. We are seeking the Lord’s guidance to raise the funds necessary for us to finish out our speaking engagements.

My other big challenge (primarily mental) was the usage of the Kenyan squat toilet. Last night I put on my big boy pants and conquered my fears. May not be what you wanted to hear about, but the milestone was huge none the less.

Yesterday, I went to a local hotel to meet with the man who was my driver last year.  I had brought him a study Bible and Bible dictionary.    Pastor Adams had received several calls asking if we could do a meeting today with some local pastors.   We explained that we did not have any money to rent a room or provide lunch, but that we would meet with anyone who wanted to.   During the afternoon I ended up spending time with a handful of pastors who showed up at my table one by one.   It was great to see God work and we didn’t even have to spend any money.

Today we were supposed to head into Uganda, but we needed fuel for the van. Wouldn’t you know neither of my bank cards would work at the ATM today. So I figured I would go to the local cyber cafe and send myself a Western Union. The internet wouldn’t open the site (at 2 different cyber cafes). Finally Adams caught a ride back home and picked up a broadband card which he reloaded with credits. Finally this afternoon I got the Western Union sent to myself. Unfortunately we missed the first day of the conference, but we should be in place for the next 3 days. While we are in Uganda, Adams and I are going to make a couple of motorcycle excursions to visit some of the remote churches and pastors.

Africa Itinerary

Here is the itinerary for Africa:

Friday, Apr 16

~ 1p, Depart CC

Saturday, Apr 17

~ 7:25p (11:25a our time) Arrive in Nairobi, Kenya

Sunday, Apr 18

~Minister at David’s church, (Nairobi)

Monday, Apr 19-

~ Travel to Eldoret and have lunch with Redeemer Bible College students at Eldoret Technical Institute. One of the students wants you to dedicate her grandchild during that meal. The media will be present to take coverage and you will have time to share our vision on media on SAYARE RTV Eldoret.

Tuesday, Apr 20

~ Travel to Mt Elgon but stop at Kamukunywa at Pastor Peter Wasai who recently joined our network, then to Chebich where we will have our lunch and ordain Pastor Peter Wasai and Pastor Dan as we also receive them into the fellowship. After lunch, we will travel to Mt. Eglon.

Wed-Fri, Apr 21-23

~ Minster in Mt. Eglon, pastor’s conference in the daytime and preach publically in the evenings

Saturday, Apr 24

~ Redeemer Bible College Graduation, Kakamega (Mtunga town)

~ 10p-12a (2p-4p our time)- live youth show at Sayare (radio) (in Eldoret)

Sunday, Apr 25-

~ 12a-4a (Sat 4p-8p our time)- ministering and praying for peoples’ needs (radio)

~ 4a-5a (Sat 8p-9p our time)- Live Morning Devotion (radio)

~ Sunday service (10a-12p, 2a-4a our time)- at Pastor Adams’ church for service, will include a small graduation ceremony (1-2p, 5-6a our time) for Redeemer Bible College (in Kitale)

Monday, Apr 26

~ Travel to Mbale, Uganda via Malaba border

~ 11a-5p (3a-9a)- two sessions ministering to pastors and church leaders hosted by Bishop Patrick (Impact Ministries)

~ Sleep in Kapchorwa

Tuesday, Apr 27

~ 10a-11a (2a-3a our time)- Meet with students on Kapchorwa campus

~ Travel to conference venue in Chewower, arrive at 2p (6a our time)

~ Have lunch there, meet pastors as they arrive

Tues-Fri, Apr 27-30

~ Conference at church in Chewower

Saturday, May 1

~ Redeemer Bible College Graduation in Bukwo 10a-1p (2a-5a our time)

~ Travel to Kitale

Sunday, May 2

~ Sunday service at Driver John’s church (their chauffer for the two weeks) from 10a-12p (2a-4a our time)

~ have lunch and travel back to Nairobi

Monday, May 3

~ 10:20p (2:10a our time) Depart Nairobi, Kenya

Tuesday, May 4

~ 6:30 pm Arrive in CC

Please be in prayer for our students in Kapchorwa, Uganda as we learned of the death of one of their classmates this morning.

A testimony that just keeps getting better.

Ugandan man coming to faith in Christ

Ugandan man coming to faith in Christ

During my time in Uganda, this past May, I had the privilege of preaching in the PCM Church in Kapchesoy.

One afternoon as I had finished preaching and was sitting down, the whole church erupted in celebration.  I learned that they were celebrating, because a man (pictured) who was the village drunkard and troublemaker was giving his life to Christ.

In the days that followed, I learned his story.  He was cooking beer a mile and half from the church.  He had been drinking all day and was already drunk.  As he explained he heard a voice telling him that he needed to run as fast as he could to the church and give his life to Jesus.     He had arrived, just as I sat down and he went forward and gave his life to Jesus.

The next day, his closest friend was at the front of the church giving his life to Jesus, because of what he had witnessed the day before.  Now if that was the story, that would be absolutely amazing in itself, but it gets even better.   I received this update from Pastor Adams today:

The lord is still working great things and fire as never ceased!
The man you prayed for him during the conference in Kapchesoy church who came smelling alcohol is still firm. The lord has used him to win 12 other drunkards to Christ and many are coming to get saved because of his salvation.
We have enrolled him in our Bible College and taking certificate. I was with him and told me to send you his personal greetings.

He has a hunger and passion to reaching the lost. He told me he will resign soon from teaching to start preaching the Gospel but I told him first he should seek the lord before taking any step.

One transformed life, transforming the lives of others.  The power of God is truly amazing to watch.

Fresh testimony from East Africa

I received this email on Wednesday from Pastor Adams, the Lead Pastor of East Africa ministries for Simplicity:

Dear Rev.
> I would to share with you what the lord did recently in my mission
> trip to West Pokot many KM from our home town.
> This is our seventh year
> in Kenya. Our hearts are entwined with the people of this nation.
> Indeed it’s the land that calls for the righteousness of God. The Lord
> has continued to bring forth His word to encourage and exhort this
> nation so that they may rise up to righteousness and advance the
> kingdom of God.
> The lord has given us
> favor and expands our many areas of influence and His power of healing
> is bringing mighty transformation in the lives of His people across
> this nation especially in the rural areas where the gospel is list
> preached.
> As we proclaim Jesus,
> Words flow from our lips like the sword and fire cutting and burning
> hearts like fire. The villages are shaken by the power of God resident
> in His word coming through His vessel with power and grace. The
> response of brethren here has been a time of repentance and making
> their ways right with God.
> We returned from another
> mission trip on the hills of Pokot and Marakwet, Kenya. The people of
> these regions are cattle keepers and they depend on their animals for
> survival. Few churches are planted in these areas because of the
> insecurity. We had a great time with them as we shared the love of
> Jesus with the native people of that region. Many came to our crusades
> and evening revival. They came and sat down on the grass and listened
> to us in the crusade. When we invited them for the altar call many
> gave their lives to Jesus. Miracles were also present as many got
> healed from different kinds of diseases. But among all, three miracles
> turned the whole village to Christ.
> 1)      There was a
> man who was bed-ridden for six months (H.I.V positive) who could not
> walk or even talk. We went with Brother Apollo to his home. We found
> him lying on bed, the wife told us of what happened to her husband six
> months ago and how they have gone to many hospitals but the condition
> of her husband worsened all day long. They are all civil servants
> serving in the Kenyan government. The husband works with the
> Administration police and the lady as a prison warden in Langata
> prisons Nairobi city. But because of the sickness they were given a
> leave to go home. They were all waiting for any fate to happen to
> them. After sharing with them about Jesus they all gave their lives to
> Jesus, then I prayed for both of them then later I prayed for her
> husband and rebuked evil disease to leave his body in Jesus’
> name. His body shook terribly and when we all said Amen, he stood up
> to greet us completely healed by the Lord. What a mighty God we serve!
> 2)      On that
> evening the whole village came for the revival meeting and there was a
> lady who had the issue of blood for a year. She was brought for prayer
> and she was being carried on the bed.
> After prayer she got up and walked and the fountain of blood tried up.
> The next day they all came for a Sunday service and shared with us how
> God healed them. We were amazed and everybody praised the lord.
> 3)      A girl aged
> ten to twelve years was cribled by a strange disease which made her
> hands, feet to wither was healed when I called upon the name of the
> lord. Immediately she struggled to stand alone and our team helped her
> to stand up alone. She was crying as she walked alone.
>  Surely Jesus still heals
> even today. May all glory and honor be to Him and Him alone!
> Father, May you stretch
> your hand and do things that is beyond human imaginations so that this
> world will know you and your power.
> Amen and Amen.
> God bless you Rev
Yours faithfully
Apostle Adams

Testimonies from Kenya and Uganda

These are some of the testimonies that have come in since my arrival back in the US.

From Kitale, Kenya:

Greetings in Jesus name.Hope these email finds you well in the lord there.Thanks very much for coming to Africa.Thanks for speaking to my life prophetically.Today i have been given a lot of Testimonies after i announced yesterday in the church that i have heard the voice of God and he has given me the direction in the ministry that the lord has called me to do.The ministry of worship that he has put on my life.Many of the people have testified on how these ministry of worship has affected their lives and they are wondering how the lord is doing through these worship.We have met with those three pastors today during lunch time,we prayed together and also we prayed for your journey.Apostle Stephen reminded me to tell you that we shall be organizing together pastors and leaders conference here in Kitale town on August.Our target is to have 1000 pastors to come for the conference.I will give you the schedule of august when i finish working together.i have read the book that you gave me and i have come a cross some powerful messages,experience is a good teacher and i have discovered that it is true.I will be sharing with you testimonies as we communicate.Have a safe journey with powerful meditations.

Also from Kitale, Kenya –

We were honored to have you minister in our church during your mission trip to Africa.The lord is continuing to do incredible things in our church.We are seeing great move of God in our church members and church leaders.

From a denominational leader in Uganda –

Greetings in jesus name.Thanks for your message sent to me

Truly you have helped opur people especially in such trainings of bible shool.

I do really see the need to work as a team so as to accomplish what God has planned to do through us.

Please Sir,your input is very essential in such a nation for the welfare of the gospel to go forward.

There are many fields to team up together and allow God to be lifted through us.

Testimonies from Kenya and Uganda –

Thank you for your worm love. We bless the lord for your previous trip to East Africa.We ware tremendously blessed with your ministry. Mary my wife was completely healed from her back pain up to now, she doesn’t complain of any pain like she used to be. She does her regular work without any problem at all. We bless our God for what He did through you in Africa. The lord came before you to prepare the hearts that is why there was open reception of your apostolic teaching and receiving of the revelation of the mystery as referred to Ephesians 3;4-6 We saw the lord doing awesome work in Africa through you as many saints, pastors and church leaders received the grace of revelation and understanding.
Many had a transforming experience in both their lives and ministry as radical as the new birth.
In every meeting you ministered, the people received your teaching and received the lord as he came with conviction, releasing impartation of grace and through confirming signs and wonders.

The man you prayed for him in Uganda testified that the power of God did touch him when he heard your voice through the microphone from a two kilometer distance where he was drinking local brew (alcohol) Something within him told him to leave drinking and run to the church, he run so fast that people though he was mad. He found you had just stopped preaching and came strait to the pulpit and gave his life to Jesus.
This was the power of God. Hell had a blackout in Uganda. Demons and devils trembled as God of Glory moved in these darkest sites of the world. God is begging to raise an army who will match forward in His grace, putting hell in mess and establishing His kingdom in these days. Hallelujah!!

I have received several testimonies of healing, breakthroughs, deliverance, salvation and many incredible things that the lord did across Kenya and Uganda.

I want to share with you one from the pastor in Uganda and I will send to you many soon.

Pastor Stephen-Bukwo PCM church-Uganda
I had never experience the power of the Holy Spirit in my life until the servant of God Rev Carl Willis laid his hands on me and anointed my head with oil. For the first time the power of God touched me. I felt like fire burning from my toes to the head. My body shook terribly and there was an inner peace.
Also for my church we had never witness such a move of God, for the first time the Holy Spirit entered our church in power. He was awesome to see Him deliver a lady who was possessed with evil spirit. Such a thing had never happened in my church.

I saw everybody running in front with desperation of meeting with Jesus. The whole church was prayed for. The last two Sunday, the lord has blessed us tremendously and He has raised different ministries that we never had in our church. We acknowledge that we were so religious and we had never given the Holy Spirit a room. We are now enjoying the atmosphere of the Holy Spirit. We bless the lord for sending you to us. Indeed it was the Macedonia call of Paul.

More testimonies from Uganda –

The lord is still healing and delivering.there is this lady who attended our our meeting and invited us for a diner.Whose son got saved,the one came running to recieve jesus Christ.She had been abundoned by her husband for 30 years.The family you prayed with them at night whose daughter has been cribbled.

She shared with me that her husband came back to her.She is not only happy for her husband but also for the salvation of her son.

people are so happy for what the lord did.

There is this lady also from kenya who had growth in her stomatch.She had gone to many hospitals seeking for medical solutions but it never beared any fruit.She took your word by faith.

She got healed.She is now eating the foods she was told not test or eat.She has resummed to her work.She is a primary teacher.And many Rev that pen can not write.

Services, Graduation, etc…

The following links are from the services and conferences I led during my time in Kenya and Uganda.

May 8th evening in Kitale

May 9th evening in Kitale

May 10th morning in Kitale

Youth & Leader’s conferences May 10th afternoon

Kitale Pastor’s Conference May 11th

May 12th & 13th services in Kapchesoy, Uganda

May 14th in Kapchesoy, Uganda

May 16th first graduating class of Redeemer Bible College in Bukwo District, Uganda